Health Directory - Union-Recorder April-June 2017 - Page 13

Health Directory 2017 •April - June Kidney Clinic of Athens Omar Mushfiq, MD Emad Ahmed, MD 385 Hawthorne Lane, #200 Athens (706) 543-3130 1101 Siloam Road, Greensboro (706) 540-3236 Lake Oconee Dialysis 1000 Cowles Clinic Way, Spruce Cottage, Ste S-100 Greensboro (706) 454-1440 Medical Kidney Services of Central Ga 521 W. Montgomery St., Suite 14A Milledgeville (478) 453-2031 Milledgeville Dialysis Center 400 S.Wayne St., Milledgeville (478) 453-9489 Oconee Dialysis Center 421 N. Jefferson St., Milledgeville (478) 451-0064 Page 13 E a r , N o s e & T h r o a t The ENT Center of Central Georgia Charles W. Dunn, MD John W. Griffin, MD Matthew Jerles, MD Keith Holmes, MD Alex Correa, MD Sanford Duke, MD 540 Hemlock St., Macon (478) 743-8953 Middle Georgia Ear, Nose & Throat Center Rick Lockhart, MD 111 Fieldstone Dr., Ste. 102, Milledgeville (478) 452-6610 Oconee Ear, Nose & Throat Brad Mathias, MD 850 W.Thomas St., Milledgeville 1041 Park Dr., Greensboro 501 Sparta Rd., Sandersville (478) 452-4800 Dr. Arthur J.Torsiglieri, MD FACS 1110 Commerce Drive, Suite 108 Greensboro (770) 922-5458 Gardeners must exercise caution when tending to their gardens during the dog days of summer. Gardening is widely considered as relaxing a hobby as it is rewarding. Although gardening when temperatures are mild, such as in spring and fall, can be relaxing, gardening can be much more physically taxing and even dangerous when temperatures rise during the dog days of summer. • Stay hydrated. • Take frequent breaks indoors or in shady areas. • Take note of your physical condition.• Garden during the cooler parts of the day.