Healing Manna November 2015 - Page 5

I am glad to tell you that you have a glorious destiny. Every man on earth has a destiny and every destiny is an assignment on earth. This is why you must know God’s plan and purpose for your life. God has a plan and purpose for creating you. He sent you to the earth to come and fulfil His purpose and plan. It is written: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them” (Eph.2:10).

God has ordained and created you for good works, which He has prepared beforehand. To know this plan is very simple. All what you need do is to ask your Maker what He has designed you for. You don’t need a prophet or a seer to tell you what God has created you for. It is only God that can tell you what He created you for. God has promised in the Holy Scripture to reveal your future to you if you will dare ask Him. It is written:”Thus says the LORD, the holy one of Israel, and his maker, ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the works of my hand command ye me” (Isa.45:11) and also: “call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knoweth not” (Jer.33:3).

Friend, this is a divine invitation from God to you. Things to come is about your destiny i.e. His plan and purpose for your life. Great and mighty things are His dreams and visions for your life. Hear me, you are not here on earth to beget sons and daughters, and die. Your existence and living in the world is far beyond that. You’re not made for yourself but for certain people. Your living is not for self but for certain people. You are a fixer on earth. You’re given to give. You’re made to make. God has a plan for your life, dare to ask Him.

Let me share this with you: I never thought when I was growing up I would do what I am doing now. It did not enter into my heart that I would be a preacher. From the beginning everything was wrong. I was born into a staunch Muslim family. I grew up in an Islamic way until I met Christ Jesus in 1991 via divine encounter and revelation of rapture and seven plagues. And even when I gave my life to Christ, I had own ambition which was totally different from God’s plan for my life. I wanted to be a professor by age thirty.

But when I heard a message about God’s purpose for my life, I set 3 days aside to ask God specifically about His plan for my life. I asked Him for what I was originally designed for , using Isaiah 45 verse 11. And He answered me the second night and showed me everything in 2 visions. He showed me how some people would mock , insult me and mistake me for a fool. That is why I am not always moved by things and what people say or think. Why? Because I have seen and heard them in the vision of 1993. I know that they are passing phases in His plan for my life. I know where I am going and I am very sure of my future. I know that God is in control not the devil or enemies. He planned it and He would bring it to pass. Daily things I had seen in my vision happen and I am fully persuaded that I am getting there.

Beloved, God has a plan and a purpose for your life, dare to ask Him. Knowing God’s purpose for your life will give you audacity and effrontery to confront and conquer the storms and battles of life. It will give you peace and confidence in the face of apparent defeat. It will give you inner impetus and ability to fight wicked forces that want to hijack your destiny. It will give you confidence that you can’t die before your time. It will help you to be focus and not to be a gambler in the world.

Now is the time to wait on Him and pester Him until He tells you everything. If you are not living for His plan and purpose for your life, no matter what you have acquired or achieved in the world, you are a failure. Life is not about fame, riches or position but about destiny fulfillment.

What are you living for, purpose or prosperity? You’re born to make a mark of eternal value. You’re on earth to leave it better than you met it. When you pursue prosperity, you become vain but when you pursue purpose, you become an eternal influence. It is high time you sought His face until He tells you what to do.