Healing Manna November 2015 - Page 10

Tina Holloway is a prophetic minister of the gospel, popular writer, motivational speaker, christian life coach, business woman, entrepreneur, mother of six children and grand mother to six grand children.

Shekinah Glory Ministry,Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Afrcia. Africa

"I will call on The Lord, who is worthy to be praised, so shall I be saved from my enemies".

(2 Samuel 22:4)

Who we belong to and Whose we are, is more important than who we are. I would rather fall into the hands of God than into the hands of man. His HAND signifies HIS POWER.

King David. Shepherd boy. Anointed King. Chosen one. The only man after God's own heart. Man of might, man of greatness, ruler and leader par excellence. King David was a man with a Great God. He did just know that about God. He knew God. The world at large knows about God but not many people really know God. Even many Christians know God without really KNOWING Him. In the still of the pastures David had no company except sheep. He listened to bleating all day long. And the sound of the wind with birds keeping harmony. Insects. Flies. Mosquitoes. Ticks. Grass. Heat. And quiet. Away from the limelight of everyday life in the dusty market streets where traders and buyers would barter loudly. Away from the corridors of lofty universities. Away from huddling with close friends. Away from the security of close family.

David, The least of the brothers , and a Shepherd Boy. A shepherd leads sheep and tends to them and cares for them and about them. King David is a symbol and type of Christ. Gentle and Fierce. He fought lions to protect his sheep. Lions would typify a fierce and overpowering attacker against which an innocent lamb would be without any defence. With David around, watching carefully, the lambs were safe and Protected. He was an invincible army against them. David wasn’t a big man by any means in stature but he was big in his faith and conviction of the Power of The Living God. The God of His Father's who split the Red Sea and caused water to gush forth from a rock. The God who led Israel out of Egypt with a strong arm and a mighty show of His Great overruling and abiding Power. The God above all God's who had a reputation as the unseen God of Israel. David was a man fully persuaded and, unlike Jacob, did not contend with God.