Healing Hands Profile 1 June 2013

Healing Hands Devine Healing & Relaxation Dear Enquirer, First and fore mostly I would like to thank you for your enquiry on the services. I have taken the liberty of listing a little more detail about what I do and the areas focussed on. In today’s high pressured and paced lifestyle we often neglect ourselves and our wellbeing. Often you ask yourself where to go and if the individual knows what they are doing. I often found myself in a position where I so desperately need some attention or work done on my back, or shoulders. You land up going to a very expensive salon and a lady with long fingertips tries her utmost to apply pressure and relax you. Some of us, often feel that we don’t want women massaging us (I know I’m one of them) as they are (with all due respect) not strong enough to fulfil our physical needs. I don’t like taking my kit-off in front of a lady and if I do I don’t feel very comfortable – that’s just me. So my needs became an awareness and that is; that there is no place where one could actually relax and just be. Where you are well handled and you know that by the end of the session you are relaxed and all your inner juices (blood cells, body toxins etc.) are flowing again until the next time. A little summary about me and of what I am capable of: I qualified in Shiatsu, Reiki and Sports massages in 1998. This started off as a hobby and then became one of my extreme passions in life. I take exceptional pride and joy in what I do and have worked in many salons before. I have a good reputation for always being professional and have quite few loyal and regular clients who have followed me through my journey. I have now decided to do this from home and therefore the setting is small, quant but yet tranquil. The environment created is done with incense, candles, soft music in the background and aroma therapy oils, which are formulated to each client’s specific requirements. I prefer working with men as I can apply far more pressure on gents than on women when working and focussing on the pressure points. These are mainly on your back, lower back, neck and head. Mobile No: 084 767 2913 | Fax No: 086 613 0874 | Email: hands.healing@vodamail.co.za Practice No: 1998/14/SHT/RK