Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 9

He related that his occupation in that lifetime was as an “announcer” at the Roman Coliseum. His job (as he put it) was to walk out to the middle of the field with a scroll containing the day’s events, (lions eating Christians, gladiators dismembering each other, etc.), open the scroll and then read it to the assembled crowd. One day, as he stood in front of 50,000 or so Roman citizens, (including the Emperor and his court) he opened the scroll and prepared to announce the day’s events as he had done dozens of times before. Lo and behold, his colleagues had played a prank on him and switched scrolls, handing him a blank one. He froze and began to stutter and stammer. He ran from the Coliseum’s floor in embarrassment and shame, the laughter and jeers of the crowd ringing in his ears. This, of course, translated into a fear of public speaking in his present life. After having uncovered this (and with a bit of additional hypnotherapy aimed at eradicating his phobia) he went on to follow his dream and is now one of the Nation’s top Hispanic Motivational/Personal Development Speakers. Want to know more about the fascinating journey of past lives Check out his book at: https ://www . amazon.com/Your-Journey-Was-Never-Meant-ebook/dp/B077YTDZX1 Dr. Bruce E. Kaloski, Ph.D. California Clinical Hypnotherapist Past Life Regression Therapist Author, Lecturer, Trainer Website: www.doctorkaloski.com Email:drkaloski@gmail.com