Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 6

Soon he also started his treatment with me for some heart ailment which he was suffering. His nature became clear to me when he told that he was suffering from rheumatic heart disease much before he got married, and this was hidden from the young lady and her family at the time of marriage. It is only later, about 3 years of marriage this lady discovered that her husband is suffering from heart disease. Within a year and a half of starting treatment with me, the husband applied for a job in another city. I thought this was a very good change, which might help restore the relationship between two as; ‘they will be away from the husband’s parents’ but he proved me wrong. After they shifted to this new city which was 700 km away from my city that lady started visiting my clinic almost every second month with lot of marks of physical abuse. She was into depression had lost her self confidence and was contemplating suicide. With lot of counseling sessions given to her by my wife, who is a lawyer, and me she made up her mind to give her life a new try in order to make the relationship and marriage work again but all her efforts went in vain. About 7 - 8 months later her sister brought her again. This time she was in a very bad shape both mentally and physically. Her condition was so bad that I advised her to file a police complaint and again referred her to my wife for legal opinion. When all efforts of mutual reconciliation between this lady and her husband failed, she decided to file for divorce. They did not have any children so it was not very difficult.