Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 4

Crystal – Varsha Dwivedi – Rutilated Quartz A little less known one: but very valuable. Lets open this miracle in our life. Hypnotherapist of The Month – Thomas A. Hilton Jr. Now this one is chosen by destiny. Well the story is – someone else was slated for this month but as the luck would have it I had cover page, interview and even write up, turned out accidently, write up got repeated. And our author was unavailable by then. I already had Thomas’ write up with me so he agreed for Interview and Cover page. And After reading his Interview I knew why was he chosen for this month. Enjoy the whole interview but, do not forget to read his last answer. That’s what all therapists need: Old and new alike. Apply NLP, weed out all negative believes from within. Your conviction affects your success rate with your client. Tarot of this month: Comes out from Fire deck means ‘Visible to the World- Action’ even when the change or shift is within. So get ready Month is on Fire and so should you be, seriously J Well my dear writers and my dear – dear readers, I am speechless while I have this issue in my hand which I am about to share with you all. What a treasure chest it is. Every writer/ Therapist has given something invaluable. Every piece is a precious jewel. And this growth is remarkable. I am in deep gratitude to the universe, to my writers and my dear readers. Let this tribe grow Amen. Love and Light Varsha Varsha Dwivedi Clinical Hypnotherapist, -Past life regression Therapist, -Life between Lives therapist, -Crystal Healer, -Tarot Reader, -NLP Trainer to the Coaches -Master Practitioner and 91@)9ɼ1եѥAɽɅ(MՉ͍́ILɥѥ(5ɵpYMtQɅ)م͡ݥٕ