Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 32

6. What is the common challenge you come across as a therapist? The most common challenge I face is simply overcoming my own limitations that I struggled with in life. My own issues of fear of public speaking. So personal issues like that I work on to improve. Other struggles would be figuring out the best methods to promote what I exactly do. I want to specialize in sports performance hypnosis because it is an area where I have the most passion. So, introducing a new modality into an area that many people will not fully understand or even associate with sports is a huge task. 7. How do you resolve them? Through my own experiments: I’ve learned that witnessing issues that were a problem for years and watching them dissolve or heal within days is a huge promotional tool. So, within my own practice of sports performance; I’ve chosen to work with professional athletes where their performances have been judged, documented and publicly available. For example, one client I’m working with, I use his baseball stats over the past 7 years and when compared with his performances after I’ve worked with him only for a few months. He can see for himself, measurable improvements. Limitations that were released simply by working with his mental game not his physical game. I use these examples to further explain to new perspective clients because they can relate t o existing stats and compare them to their own. 8. What is your take on various Healing mediums? In my research, I studied areas of Neuroscience, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, and Psychology in general, while studying Hypnotherapy, it opened more doors for me to learn about NLP, Reiki Energy, Past Life, and the list just goes on. I believe that we have access to so much that can help us. It may use different approaches, but I feel they are working toward the same outcomes. Which is better for overall well- being, and great health. 3