Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 30

Interview Thomas A Hilton Jr., 1. How you became a Hypnotherapist? My interest into hypnosis grew while I was researching information into the real powers of the subconscious mind. I was particularly trying to explain to myself how a few personal events that I had witnessed in my life, were even possible. One was how I managed to tap into a state of mind commonly known as “In The Zone” within the sports industry while playing a baseball game at the young age of 16. It allowed me to physically perform at an optimal level with very little effort on my part. It was 20 years later through this research, when I had discovered what had actually taken place within my mind and body during that one game. I discovered this was could be taught as a learned skill as well. That even sports performance was one area in which hypnosis could be used to help change a person’s unconscious behavioral issues that could be holding an athlete back from his true potential This interest soon grew to my decision to study it further and spend a year to develop my own skills and obtain certification as a hypnotherapist myself.