Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 3

Dr Dhiraj Nanda - What is life, Teaching Me? It teaches us one thing, do not judge anything or anyone. Life’s lessons are really very amazing, Even Divorce ??!!!!!!! listen to that inner voice and ‘listen it good’. Dr Bruce E. Kaloski – “Fear of Public Speaking”………….. It’s past life connection is so intriguing that sometimes it really makes one think, is there anything called incompetence in any field or these are mere impressions of past lives. Which can be healed? Varsha Dwivedi – Express yourself ………………. Talks about Depression and its cure in Hypnotherapy a must read for all. That too, without drugs. Thomas A. Hilton Jr. – Miracle of Hypnotherapy One more amazing miracle is waiting here for our readers. Can we regrow our hair!!?? Lets read it and see it too; well instill a new belief. A Prakash – Exploring Beyond……………. Keeping with the tradition he has given one more intriguing turn with the help of Hypnotherapy; Instilling ‘Psychmetry’ (to get information by just touching something; Volturi Aro (Twilight Saga)J well not exactly but somewhat close.J) through hypnotherapy!!!!?? Why Not? Lets read it. Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandstrom – Caring in Good Way. This one is important for every Healer no matter what method we follow it should be the first lesson in our healing book. Do tie our own oxygen mask first in emergency before helping others. And there too do it appropriately. I highly recommend it. Neha Sharma – Love and Sex Mind blowing is the word !!!!! How everything happening at a gross level affect our subtle world and then its’ effects again manifest at our own self. Is Body and psyche really separate, can we simply enjoy sex and walk away with no string attached??? Or there are strings ‘Literally’. Go and read, this piece is so amazing.