Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 27

one find the solution to problems and situations that seem unsolvable, which many times is seen within relationships. This is the ultimate relationship stone to help with healing processes for those who wish for true healing to be done. The beautiful, straw gold, glistening strands of Rutile have also been called Angel hair. When holding a Rutilated Quartz peace comes over the bearer and sometimes a sense of power is charged within the solar plexus. This is done to such a degree that the one holding the stone may feel as if they could indeed rule the world, in a very loving way of course! This perhaps may be the reason it is called Angel hair as it assists the bearer in feeling as if there is nothing that is impossible and they are guided and guarded unconditionally. The Rutilated Quartz has been known to repel negative energy working much like a shield. If negative energy finds its way past the shielding then it is caught much like bad dreams caught in a dreamcatcher. It is then dissipated or sealed up until the crystal can be cleansed. In physical healing this crystal, at one point in history, was ground up and used as a type of poultice for wounds. It also historically has been known to help one understand the reasons behind the acquisition of dis-eases; therefore, giving one access to information that can be used to help one find healing. Some say that the Rutilated Quartz aids the understanding of advanced civilizations that give us insight into the cooperation among peoples of the world today. This crystal is very important for balance and emotional calming especially when stressed by groups of people as the bearer will feel more “in tune” with those around them. This is an important stone for the new age to come as we all learn how to live, work and play on a planet which cannot be ruled over but instead must be shared in cooperation. Rutilated Quartz Crystal is a great crystal tool for artists or writers as it may be helpful in receiving and directing spiritual inspiration for creative projects. In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Rutilated Quartz facilitates the opening of the Auric field to allow healing. Rutilated Quartz