Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 22

In one part of our brain there are specialized neural cells, called mirror neurons, constantly mirroring the actions, movements and possible intentions of animals and people around us. This is believed to be part of what makes empathy possible, but also a part of how we can internalize other people’s traumatic experiences when we are around them, with the risk of acquiring secondary, or vicarious trauma. To avoid the kind of secondary trauma that can be transferred when you are working with traumatized people we use Trauma Tapping on each other and ourselves on a regular basis. Positive Tapping One way of protecting yourself is to tap on positive feelings to reinforce them. This is very simple: Anytime you experience a good feeling you simply do the tapping procedure and allow yourself to integrate the power of this good feeling. (Excerpt from the book “ResolvingYesterday ”authored byGunillaHamne and Ulf Sandstrom) Gunilla Hamne, "Sweden" Stress and Trauma Consultant Founder of Peaceful HeartNetwork www.peacefulheart.se www.selfhelpfortrauma.org Ulf Sandström Is a mental trainer and hypnotherapist A complementary therapist with in-depth knowledge and experience of principles, methods and procedures for treatment of a large variety of symptoms of emotional stress and trauma; including flashbacks, addiction, chronic pain, cognitive dissonance, IBS, GAD COD, grief, rumination and sleep. With the Peaceful HeartNetwork he works with First Aid for emotional and traumatic stress in zone of post- conflict such as: Rwanda, D.R. Congo and Lesbos, Greece Read more at: www.ulfsandstrom.com, www.peacefulheart.se & www.selfhelpfortrauma.org.