Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 16

hypnotherapy office. Looking over the material I was provided with to help in promoting the craft. Brochures describing over 144 different behavioral issues where hypnosis had been very successful. While reading the list, naturally I began to see many ways I could use hypnosis within my own life. To once and for all, make positive changes to the areas I had felt were holding me back socially perhaps. Fear of public speaking for example. However, I had always been fascinated by my earlier research where auto-suggestions were used to even effect the body itself. I had, of course, read many studies and papers where miracles and medical cases were documented with hypnosis being at the center of the story. It got me to thinking about self-hypnosis even more. I had read where our own words and thoughts are affecting our bodies every day and I wanted to test some theories of mind, so I began my list of ways I could start experimenting on myself using a combination of meditation, self-hypnosis, listening to popular recordings of other hypnotist. Not really knowing where I wanted to start. My list had become rather long as one could imagine when we begin to nitpick ourselves. To my amazement the first three on my list took very little time to begin noticing some positive improvements. I had successfully aided the renewal of a thumb nail that had given me problems for a very long time, many years of trying products and such with nothing working. Hypnosis did the trick. Then I decided to experiment on areas on the skin. After a little research and discovering that things like epidermoid cysts and even skin tags were common and normally safe to experiment on, I began working up the appropriate words to use within short scripts of hypnosis sessions. Again, to my amazement this time, both skin issues disappeared rather quickly within only a few days from another. I began feeling rather stronger in my experiment efforts. So here I was excited to have perfect finger nails on both hands and could finally walk around shirtless during the summer again without feeling self-conscious about any of them. So, standing before a mirror, I noticed the one area that most of America has grown so accustomed to seeing out in public and that was the thinning of hair on men and the balding look on over half of men. I was becoming part of that statistic as well. My hair had thinned over the years, but I kept the same hair style, but I began