Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue - 11, 1 May 2018 - Page 11

father (mother, child, spouse, best friend) died.” After a loved one passes on, the individual often has to deal with their belongings including their home, or now has to take on their responsibilities. Any of these can become traumatic triggers. If the person or family member who has lost the loved one does not have time to fully grieve the loss, and to process unfinished feelings about the person, depression may set in almost immediately. Other traumatic triggers include losing a job, divorce, or financial reversals such as bankruptcy or home foreclosure more In current world our society is dealing with emotional and mental harassment which is so subtle, and which has seeped in our society with the advent of socially correct behavior, and a huge rise in narcissistic approach is visible. Such People are brilliant in outer circle and are completely worse with their partners or very close people. Behavioral issues are more critical and subtle and, specially confusing since, they do not reach at the border of physical abuse. So socially nobody understand or believes the victim. Since otherwise everything is politically correct and perfect as per social norms. Its symptoms are: • They talk sweet publicly, personally ignore or sometime even hurt. • Shouting/ Criticizing at something very trivial is normal to them. • They do not respect you. • They are never available at the hour of need. • They seems to be perfectly logical and aware being in social setups but they never seems to understand any logic in a relationship, as if they live in their own worlds. • They never take a stand for you. • They do not just decide for themselves but, they decide for other person as well. • They are Passive aggressive • They never take direct stand or responsibility • They mirror other person when it comes to confrontation, they will simply blame you and put similar accusation • They are incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. Their Sorry’s are:- (all right now I am in this situation and I need to say sorry