HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 6, Issue 3

During the last few years, investigational drugs and devices are being increasingly evaluated for migraine prevention. What do we know? Restless Leg Syndrome and Migraine A common link between Restless Leg Syndrome and Migraine has been studied. What does it mean for those who experience both conditions? Advocating for the Headache Patient: Another Opportunity The annual lobbying event, Headache on the Hill, involves health care practitioners, advocacy groups, and patients. It represents another avenue for advocacy for headache patients. Light and Headache Disorders: Understanding Light Triggers and Photophobia Photophobia – light sensitivity – is a common symptom in migraine. Tinted glasses offer one method of reducing its impact. Book Review: Discussing Migraine with Your Patients – A Common Sense Guide for Clinicians. By Dawn A. Marcus, MD and Duren Michael Ready, MD. The Headache Clinics Featuring The Comprehensive Headache Center in Franklin, Wisconsin. $6.99 Volume 6, Issue 3 •2017 www.headaches.org