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NHF news What’s Happening Now National Headache Foundation Service Awards To honor two members of the Board who had resigned their positions on the Executive Committee, these service awards were presented to the Board member as well as their spouse. Both of these couples have supported and served the NHF for many years, and these awards were given with our gratitude. Arlene and Dr. Arthur Elkind Arlene and Dr. Arthur Elkind Dr. Arthur Elkind served as President of the NHF from 2007 through May, 2016. He has served on the Board since 1988, and will continue to Chair the Editorial Committee. In 2011, Dr. Elkind retired as the Director of the Elkind Headache Center in Mount Vernon, NY. His wife of 60 years, Arlene, worked with him in the practice in the research area for several years. They have both been enthusiastic supporters of the NHF for many years, and devoted a large portion of their lives to helping those with headache. Kathleen Farmer, PsyD and Roger K. Cady, MD On April 30, 2016, Dr. Roger Cady resigned his position as Associate Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation, a post that he had served since February, 2010. He was first elected to the Board in 1998, and served as Vice President from 2006 through 2010. Roger K. Cady, MD and Kathleen Farmer, PsyD Until April, 2016, Dr. Cady was Director and Founder of the Headache Care Center and ClinVest in Springfield, MO. He is now Vice President, Neurology, of Alder Pharmaceuticals, in Bothell, WA. His wife, Dr. Kathleen Farmer, had served as a Clinical Psychologist at the Center and with ClinVest. Together, they have written many professional articles and several books concerning headache and medical adherence. Both of these healthcare professionals have consulted on the examination of the Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine (CAQ). HW NHF Staff In June, 2016, Mary Franklin was promoted to the position of Executive Director. Ms. Franklin joined the National Headache Foundation staff in September, 2011 as Director of Operations. She previously served as Vice President of Publishing and Administration at the Diamond Headache Clinic, and had joined the nursing staff of the Clinic in September, 1970. Executive Director Mary Franklin 6 HeadW ise ® | Volume 6, Issue 2 • 2016