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Volume 6, Issue 2 • 2016 18 contents Asthma and Chronic Migraine: Is There a Link? Because of the frequent occurrence of asthma in the US population, it is highly likely that many of these patients also experience migraine attacks. A recent study at the University of Cincinnati indicates that those with asthma and episodic migraine have a higher risk of developing chronic migraine. 23 Is It A Stroke or Is It Migraine? The Conundrum of Late-Life Migraine Accompaniments As we age, the frequency of migraine attacks decreases and the presenta- tion of migraine also changes. For some older migraine patients, associated neurologic symptoms may resemble a clinical picture associated with stroke. These events may be alarming for the patient, their families, and their health care practitioners. 26 Raising Migraine Awareness – One Mile at a Time In 2008, the non-profit organization, Miles for Migraine, was founded to raise public awareness of headache and migraine. The races and their outreach have expanded since that time, and the volunteers continue to champion migraine patients and their families. How Can Neck Pain be a Protector for Migraine Attacks? The digital tool, Curelator Migraine Map, has been assisting migraine patients identify headache triggers. And, it has also helped those individuals see what they have used as protectors of those attacks. One of the first users of this tool describes how demonstrating neck pain as a protector has helped in the management of her migraine attacks. 33 35 News 6 NHF Learn what’s happening in and around the National Headache Foundation. This issue features The Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, and a conversation with its President and Managing Director, Merle Diamond, MD, and its COO/CFO, Konrad Kothmann. Mail 15 Reader You ask, our physician experts answer. Get information from leaders in headache medicine. www.headaches.org | National Headache Foundation 5