HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Page 9

Margaret E. Azarian, PhD, recipient of the Elaine Diamond Service Award Elaine Diamond Service Award: The Elaine Diamond Service Award recognizes excellence and enduring service to the National Headache Foundation. Elaine Diamond was instrumental in the formation of the Foundation, served over 30 years as an NHF Board member, and volunteered countless hours at the Foundation office. This year’s honoree is the Secretary of the NHF, Margaret E. Azarian, Ph.D. Doctor Azarian received her A.B. in chemistry, cum laude with honors at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She received a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Yale University. Dr. Azarian served as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for the Structure of Matter. She served as a Senior Research Chemist at the Franklin Institute Research Laboratories in Philadelphia, as a Senior Scientist at Schering Corporation, and as a Technical Fellow at Hoffman-LaRoche. Eventually, Dr. Azarian became Editor-in-Chief of International Universities Press, where she was responsible for the content and quality of books in psychoanalysis, psychology, and psychiatry that were published for the mental health professional. She also oversaw production of the journal, Headache Quarterly. Dr. Azarian’s late husband, Martin, served on the Board of the NHF from 1990 through his death in 2001. She was elected to the Board in 2003, and assumed the role of Secretary in 2005. Her experience in the sciences and medical publishing have served us well as the NHF. She serves on the Editorial Committee of the NHF and aids in the editing of HeadWise. Dr. Azarian was instrumental in the establishment of our monthly chat rooms which are available on our website, www.headaches.org. She has also served as a mentor to our staff, providing invaluable insight into the educational and awareness outreach of the Foundation. HW www.headaches.org | National Headache Foundation 9