HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Page 7

NHF news What’s Happening Now 1 Dr. Seymour Diamond celebrating his 90th birthday. 2 Dancing to the Don Cagen Orchestra. 3 Dr. & Mrs. Richard Wenzel 4 Drs. Kathleen and Roger Cady with a birthday greeting for Dr. Seymour Diamond. 5 Sara Cady, MD enjoying a dance with her father, Roger Cady, MD, Associate Executive Chair of the NHF. 6 Emily Kaplan Kandel, Ellen Friedman, Joshua Friedman, and Paul Kandel 7 Former Board member, Lisa K. Mannix, MD, and Mr. Brent Clark 8 Wall of Wine 9 Roberta Lustin-Hawk, MD, President of PresenceSaint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, presenting a birthday gift to Seymour Diamond, MD. 10 Drs. Veronika Urban, George Urban, George Nissan, and Merle Diamond. www.headaches.org | National Headache Foundation 7