HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Page 34

GIVE THE GIFT OF DO YOU KNOW FAMILY, FRIENDS OR CO-WORKERS WHO STRUGGLE WITH A HEADACHE DISORDER? IF SO, EMPOWER THEM TO BE THEIR OWN ADVOCATE BY GIFTING A MEMBERSHIP TO THE NHF, WHICH IN CLUDES A SUBSCRIPTION TO HEADWISE MAGAZINE. 3 WAYS TO ORDER: ORDER NOW AND THE RECEIPIENT WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: CALL: 1–800–NHF–5552 VISIT: WWW.HEADACHES.ORG 1. select “Become a Member” at the top right hand side 2. be sure to place a check in the “I wish to give a gift membership” box MAIL: PREVIOUS EDITION E-NEWSLETTER VIA EMAIL Gift Membership: Payment:  $20.00 to send HeadWise plus the monthly e-newsletter, NHF News to Know.  Payment enclosed (Make check payable to National Headache Foundation) In addition, I’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the NHF in the amount of:  $5  $10  $20  Other: $______ Charge to my credit card:  Amex  Discover  Mastercard