HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Page 23

Denise Schneider, PT, FAAOMPT, COMT, ATC Headache Program Manager Athletico Schaumburg South Schaumburg, IL Physical therapy is often utilized in the comprehensive treatment for headache sufferers. For certain types of headaches, physical therapy has proven to be successful in decreasing and/ or resolving the intensity and frequency of symptoms, improving an individual’s function and mobility, and improving an individual’s quality of life. Cervicogenic headache is a common type of headache seen in clinical practice that responds well to physical therapy. A cervicogenic headache stems from the structures in the cervical spine (neck) and radiates into other areas, such as the back of the head, over the top of the head, and/or on the side of the head. This type of headache may occur gradually or occur as a result of an injury. An individual suffering from a cervicoge