HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 4, Issue 4 - Page 18

MELODIE R. WINAWER MD, MS Associate Professor of Neurology in the GH Sergievsky Center Columbia University New York, NY This article is based on Dr. Winawer’s Seymour Diamond, M.D. Lectureship, “Evidence for a Shared Genetic Susceptibility to Migraine and Epilepsy,” which was presented on February 14, 2014, at the course, The 27th Annual Practicing Physician’s Approach to the Difficult Headache Patient. The course was sponsored by the Diamond Headache Clinic Research & Educational Foundation, and was held at the Island Hotel, Newport Beach, California. The lectureship is awarded to the best article in headache medicine from the prior year. Dr. Winawer’s lecture was based on the article of the same title which appeared in the journal, Epilepsia, Volume 54, 2013. Her coauthors were Robert Connors and the investigators of the Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project (EPGP). 18 HeadW ise ® | Volume 4, Issue 4 • 2015