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know your wise words headache The Romance Buster When sex triggers head pain, treatment may be Your Contributions to the National Headache Foundation Help Fund Projects What’s being done to help your headache problem? There is an unprecedented amount of research being done regarding migraine and other headache pain. The National Headache Foundation is involved in this effort with the help of funding from you. Contributions are a key part of the financial support of important headache research. Your gift provides funds for (a) NHF-financed research projects, (b) education for health care providers, and (c) patient-education initiatives. You can help! The National for headache help, provides these services and many others through the generosity of people like you. Please select one of the following giving categories: Other Name: Address: City: State/Zip: Daytime Phone: Method of Payment: Check or Money Order payable to National Headache Foundation Visa MasterCard Amex Discover nAme: Jim Staulcup, Jr., Esq. ReSIDence: Geneva, Ill. conDITIon: Cluster headaches FIRST DIAGnoSeD: 1978 Photography by Morgan Anderson What’s the most frustrating thing about your life? I never know when a cycle of headache clusters will start up. I typically can go three to five years without having a cluster cycle. When the symptoms occur, I experience a burning pain in the eye and a series of headaches that leave me incapacitated. How do you manage your condition? I try to stay physically and mentally active. I’m involved in community projects and activities. I’m engaged in support work for organizations such as the National Headache Foundation. I also enjoy walking, dining out, reading and staying social. What are you most thankful for? I’m thankful for days when I’m able to function with little distraction from headaches. This is primarily thanks to inpatient treatment by the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. The clinic was successful in helping me identify what kinds of foods trigger the cycles of my headache clusters. The clinic also introduced me to the use of oxygen treatments when I feel an oncoming cycle, and oxygen aborts it. Oxygen may not stop the headache from reoccurring shortly after that, but it eases the initial pain. What’s your greatest achievement? Professionally, I’ve had the opportunity to handle significant legal matters that had great results for my clients, when I was 40 in-house counsel for major corporations and when I was in private practice. Personally, I’m very fortunate to have a great family and six grandchildren. What’s your favorite thing to read? I like to read historical books and biographies, books about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. My favorite biography is of John Adams. I also enjoy mystery and action books. They allow me to daydream and not have to read as carefully. Where do you get the greatest support? My family is very positive in their support. My wife is very understanding, and our three daughters help by staying out of the way when my symptoms occur. Jim Staulcup, Jr., Esq., is a retired attorney who enjoys spending time with his family and doing charitable work. He enjoys genealogy and has successfully traced his paternal roots back his daughters. Leave a Legacy to the National Headache Foundation With a planned gift to the National Headache Foundation, you can combine your desire to give to charity with your overall financial, tax and estate planning goals. Your planned gift gives you a special connection with NHF: you will help those suffering from recurring headaches and migraines now and for years to come. The following general forms are suggested: Specific Bequest in your will or trust – “I give to the National Headache Foundation, Residual Bequest in your will or trust: “I give to the National Headache Foundation, whose Submit your own story at www.headwisemag.org/WiseWords. This information is not intended as legal advice, but is merely suggestions as to content. The specific language should be written or adapted by your legal counsel.