HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 2, Issue - Page 22

When Headaches Eye Conditions BY SARAH FISTER GALE Mask YOUR EYES MAY LOOK NORMAL, BUT AN EYE-RELATED CONDITION COULD STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEADACHES. IN 1984, Jeanette Simpson-Edwards was diagnosed with glaucoma at age 31. An ophthalmologist told Simpson that prescription eye drops should help resolve the condition without causing any damage to her vision. Not noticing any vision problems, Simpson says she often neglected using the drops. Thirteen years later in 1997, still symptom-free, she saw an optometrist for eyeglasses. The optometrist noticed that the untreated glaucoma had caused Simpson’s optic nerve to deteriorate. Simpson began to use the eye drops again, but symptoms of the glaucoma still didn’t appear until 2008—a full 24 years after her initial diagnosis. “Suddenly I wondered why I was bumping into things and running into curbs,” Simpson recalls. Today, Simpson, who lives in Noblesville, Ind., has lost parts of her peripheral vision and has undergone laser treatments to reduce swelling and pain in her eyes. She has regular headaches because her eyes tire quickly as she struggles to focus be BFR&W'&rFVvVRWW&V6R&FVF6RBWRB2gFVV6V"vWFW"FRGv6FF2&RF&V7FǒƖVBfvr&RF&VR6FF2FB66W6Rf6&&V2BVBvV6GVF'WBvB6V'FW&F2WfVF'VF67V6Ɨ7B6&WfVFW6R6FF2V&ǒ&Vf&RVF6W2v'6VBf6FWFW&&FW2tT4V6V6VBB66W6Rf672&ƖFW72BVF6W2FW&R&RfW"GW2bvV64$2TtRtT4F2GR`&WRFRfVB&VBFR&22&RFVFW"BWB2BVVG2vFvV6FBfVB6&R&6VB7&VFr'VBWb&W77W&RFRWRFBFvW2FRF2W'fRB6W6W2bVg@vV62FR7B6BffW26r'VGWb&W77W&RfW"FRFB6r7&V6R6&VBvF6b7F2gFVV2FBFRFVBFW6( BF6R&&VVFFRFvR2&VG&VVFRFW2FRF7FGWFW2bVF䔂V$VBVFFW7FR6b7F2&WFRWRW6VB&WfVFR6FF2v2FR66Rf"66'FFrFRW2BW6rv66֗'&&VB&6W6VBFfWrFRW"v&w2bFRWRBvVW&ǒW6VBVW72FR667W7V7G2vV6#@wwrVF6W2&pFVF6RfVFFࠣ#P