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Get Head Wise at home – Become a contents FEATURES member today! 24 When Headaches Mask Eye Conditions Conditions that arise in the eye or affect vision can trigger headaches. Learn about three of the most serious eye complications and the head pain they may induce. If you think a headache is just a headache, think again. Millions of Americans suffer from migraines, cluster headaches and other serious headache disorders. Chances are, headache disorders affect you or someone you love. Join the cause by becoming a member of the National Headache Foundation, the world’s largest voluntary organization for the support of people with migraine and headache disorders. For more than 40 years, the NHF has assisted millions of individuals seeking education and treatment for their various conditions. 30 Plastic Surgery Carries Risks Although some research suggests plastic surgery could relieve migraine, headache specialists are concerned about the invasive procedure. 36 Individual membership: $20 per year Professional membership: Physician: Allied health: $125 per year $75 per year A Different Role Actress Susan Olsen (“Cindy Brady”) began to experience her first migraines at Brady Bunch after parties. The pain led her to become an advocate for migraineurs. 24 30 36 With your membership, you’ll receive: A subscription to Head Wise magazine The NHF News To Know monthly e-newsletter Access to a wealth of headache research, support and information Plus, your donation will support the NHF and help advance headache advocacy, education and research To join, go to www.headaches.org/store/membership or call 1-888-NHF-5552. www.headaches.org | National Headache Foundation 1