HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 2, Issue - Page 12

research Helping You Live Better Debate Over Detox for Medication Overuse Headaches Should preventive therapy continue during detox? gesics (e.g., ibuprofen) more than 15 days per month. “What typically happens is that you see a transformation from episodic headaches to chronic headache,” says Mark Green, MD, director of the Center for Headache and Pain Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Physicians have long recommended abstaining from all medication for a period of time if overuse seems to be contributing to headaches. Understandably, though, many patients are less than thrilled with the idea of going medication-free. The latest debate focuses on the use of preventive medications during detox. PREVENTIVE THERAPY DURING OR AFTER DETOX? medication. The preventive medication seemed to help patients lessen their use of acute medication, too. In one European trial, 63 percent of patients were overusing medication at the beginning of the trial. After 16 weeks on topiramate, only 17 percent of patients were overusing medication. Some experts, though, say the studies did not include enough patients or were not long enough to warrant changing current practice. They argue that larger studies and at least two years of follow-up will be necessary to see if administering preventive medication should be considered when treating medication overuse headaches. THE BOTTOM LINE Brain Freeze to Lead to Migraine Breakthrough? B ache Disorders as “headache attributed to ingestion or inhalation STUD RS‚BL]\[X[HX\YYYX[YY\]H^[Z[YH\Hو][]HZYܘZ[HYYX][ۈ[]Y[]YYX][ۈݙ\\HXYX\ˈ[YۙHوHYY\\HXYX[H\YۙYQPUSӈUQPUSӸ%\]\YYX][ۈ]\X\\HYܙH\][HX\[HHوYYX\\[][]HZYܘZ[HYYX][ۋHYY\[۸%\Y][ۘ[HY[H\\[[[YY]Y[ݙ\\YYYX][ۈ [X][YYX][ۈݙ\\HXYX\X\H[܋Hٝ[\[H܈ZYܘZ[H]Xˈ[][H[[ۈ[[ۙ[H]ZYܘZ[K][XX\K]Y[\YZ[][]H\X\\[[HXXHو][]Y\[ۋYYX][ۜ Z]\\[X]H܈ۘX[[[SYYX][ۈݙ\\HXYX\\[H\Hو[H[X[ۜHYܙH\۝[Z[Z\\[XYXHYYX][ۜ\]Y[KH][ۘ[YYX][ۈY[Y[\[X]H[ۘXRXYXH[][ۈ HY[\ݙ\\H\H\H[[][H ]\ۛۈHH[Hو[[\X Kˋ\[[Y[\]\]\H0H\H[HYX]H][]HYY[[ܙH[ L^\\[۝܈\[[\H[[][ۜ][[]Y[\Hݙ\\[X]BXYXH^\YܙYH]XܙX\[H\HوX]HYYX][ۈ\[\[X[\وX][YYX][ۈݙ\\HXYX\ˈ]\XX[\YܙYHX]]\][]HYYX][ۜ[H\Y[HH]Y[\XܙX\[\܈\[ZHوX]HYYX][ۋ[[\XH[H\ L\YHوH\[\[[XK[Pܚ\Y[\Q  Z\X[وH\\Y[و]\H]H[]\]Hو\[[\X[KܛH]\[][]H\\H\[Y\[X8'YXHH\[YHو]Y[YY]YX][ۈ H\[ 'H^[[\X[[ۙ Q ^X]]HZ\X[وH][ۘ[XYXH[][ۈ[[\[\X܈[Y\]\وHX[[ۙXYXH[X^\8'[^H LYX\وXX[XYXHYYX[H X]Y[[] KH]H[]Y[H][]HYYX][ۈ\[]\YH[YXX[ 'H[\\\\XX[X[Y[[]H[YYX][ۜYܙH\[H][]HYYX][ۋ8'Y[x&\HZ[HوYYX][ۈ܈XYXK\\[HH\[Y][Y\\ۛH[Hو][[H]\\]H[HH\[و\]\H[x&\HۈHݙ\\YYYX][ۈ܈H[]YYYX][ۋ8'HܙY[^\ˈ8'\\KH[&][YYYX][ۜ\H۝X][H؛[K'H8%[Y\ ˈ[‚\\YYX[ [ۙ]HX[H\[[[[^K\[[ X[HYYY\[YX[^HX\X]XYX\‚Z\[][Z\YH[[^H BH\X\\\[YZ\]H]H^\[Y[[ B]\]\[H\X\\[Y]H]\XH]H\K]X]Y[[H][Y۝HXYXK8'H\Y܈XY\B˚XYX\˛ܙ‚][ۘ[XYXH[][ۂLB