HeadWise HeadWise: Volume 2, Issue 2 - Page 30

I It’s hard to imagine a time when Seymour Diamond, MD, was not focused on headache. But in 1960, the executive chairman and founder of the National Headache Foundation (NHF) and director emeritus of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, spent his time in general medicine. “I had a large family practice and I did research, but I knew nothing about headache,” he laughs. That year, Dr. Diamond was approached by Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme (now Merck & Co.), a pharmaceutical company that was investigating the use of amitriptyline (a tricyclic antidepressant) to treat somatic complaints, or those relating to the psyche. The drug was marketed for treatment of depression in 1961, and Dr. Diamond undertook a study to examine the positive impact amitriptyline had on his own patients’ somatic complaints. During a presentation of his results, he was approached by Lester Blumenthal, MD, then secretary of the American Association for the Study of Headache (now the American Headache Society), who wondered if Dr. Diamond had considered the use of thos H[YHXXXX]XYX\ˈ][\YX[[ۙ^[Z[HHY&\[Y]܈XYXH[\\[ۋ^KHY\]Y[XZ܈\\[ۈ[ZYܘZ[H\H[[Y Hۙ][ۜ\HYH[\\ΈXHY\[XܙX\Y[\KXܙX\Yۘ[][ۋZ[]]\۸&][[HX\H NM[X[[ۙ8&\\X\\X\Y[H\[XYXK]HܛX\Y]H\HYYX][ۈ]Y]]H\ۜ\܈\\]H]Y[\[YX]H]X][ZYܘZ[KXZ܈\\[ۈ[ZYܘZ[H\HZ[Y[Y YX]^Yۙ][ۜˈ][H^\Y[HH[ܘY]B[Yx&\ܞB[YHXۘ[  K\YZYܘZ[\[H[ ]Y\H[\YY H[[H]HXYXHXX[\XYۛY\]ZYܘZ[H[ۚXZ[HXYXKH\ZY ][Y\HZ[[[YYY 8'H\[ۜ[Z[[[X[H[\[[\8'HX[Xۘ[ ]\[ܙY[X\\ˈ8'][ZH]\][H[Y[YH\\[]^HHYKH\[]]H[YH[[&]\]HH[&]X[H[H^HX\XYH܈^HY[˸'H][\ۙ\\]\XYۛY\[X[\\[ۋ8']8&\H\[^[[Y][Y[[[]Y[ZH][]\[ 8'HXۘ[^\ˈ8']\ܝ\]\][[^HYNHY\ HX] H[H\[[]HY[ZH[HY[X]^\[]8&\Hܝ\[ZY 'H\]HHYY܈\ܝ Xۘ[^\H[HYXH\X]Y]\\[ۈ[Y]܈X\]\[YH\\Xˈ]8'[H[&]\[[\[]]\8'HH^\˂PQTH[YH \YH 8( LXۘ[X[Y\\XYXH[\\[ۈ]\ܝH\\ؘ[[\[\[\HYHوYYX][ۜˈH[YHX[X[Y\\H[][]܈[\[Y[\\ Xۘ[\۸&]\HYH]XH\[Y][\Z[[[H]\HY[XZ[\YX\[\\\[ۈ[YHX]H[X[KX[[ۙY]\[][]܈ H]\K\\Y]XH]XYH\H][\HY[\H[HX[[][]\][Y]HZ[H\H\\ܝ܈X]Y[ ܈\^\Y[[\[ܘY]KXۘ[X[Y[YY][]HX\\ۈ\XH\\^\H[[H^H۝X]HY]Hۈ[\^\ˈXۘ[[Y\܈ۋ\ٚ][^\\[Y\ܚ\[Y\ݙ\YHY[[و\\ۙ\ˈH[X[Y[Z[[H\ܝ\[H[][[\[Z[Hۛ][x&\H[Y 8'܈^H[Z[K]\YHY\[\و[\[[8'HH^\ˈ8']ܘ\YH]^HX\ۈ[]8&\܈[][ۜ\˸'B