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Welcome to Huntingdon Drama Club’s production of Hay Fever Directing ‘Hay Fever’ marks my return to Huntingdon Drama Club after a brief hiatus that ended up lasting about three years! I’m very pleased to find the Club lively and vibrant – and full of new faces. However, I’m probably the ‘new face’ to many of you, so I’ll give you a quick résumé. I first joined Huntingdon Drama Club back in the mists of time (actually about 11 years ago), having been previously involved with amateur dramatics in London, Godmanchester and Vancouver (yes, the one in Canada). I appeared in several HDC productions, of which my favourite was ‘The Real Inspector Hound’. I also directed three plays for the Club. It’s hard to pick my favourite there, because one was the incredibly funny and surreal ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ by Steve Martin, but the other two were (in the words of Ernie Wise) ‘plays wot I wrote’. I am proudest of the last one, ‘Worlds Apart’, which seriously threatened to out-surreal Steve Martin. It’s great to return to directing, which I adore and have missed. I must praise my stellar cast and crew, who have worked very hard whilst (I hope!) enjoying themselves. I’d run out of space if I tried to name everyone who has helped, but I want to record a special thank you to my Producer, Ann Monk, who has relieved me of all the tiresome details and relentlessly dotted all the ‘I’s and crossed all the ‘T’s. Thanks also to Brampton Drama Club and OCAG for inviting us to put on this production. Noël Coward designated ‘Hay Fever’ a ‘light comedy’, and that it is, with plenty of opportunity for histrionics and what is best described as sophisticated farce. Directing this has been a challenge – as you have probably surmised, it is not my usual choice of play. In its own way, however, it too is surreal. And very funny. You will see a family of drama queens take centre stage – much to the consternation of their hapless weekend guests. Very quickly, the fine line between real life and high blown fantasy begins to flicker and fade. (Hmmm – perhaps my sort of play, after all.) As is typical