HCL Issue 10 - Page 23

23 700 m £ 30 m 2.5 m £ 1 m £ 2.3 m 1.1 % £ The NHS will continue to drive effi ciencies. The plan says it will save taxpayers £700m in admin expenditure across providers and commissioners, both locally and nationally by 2023/24 Additional investment to help meet the health needs of rough  sleepers People across the country will have access to the NHS personalised care model by 2023/24, with the aim of doubling that number again within a decade A year of extra investment dedicated by NHS England to extending the work of the Workforce Race Equality Standard until 2025 NHS England funding for the Helpforce programme, to support voluntary initiatives across the health service and double the number of NHS volunteers in the next three years The Government has set the NHS the target of increasing productivity and effi ciency by at least 1.1% over the next fi ve years Healthcare Leader 2019 Issue 10