HCBA Lawyer Magazine Vol. 28, No. 2 - Page 6

H C B A P R E S I D E N T ’ S M E S S A G E Go rd o n Hi l l - Hi l l Wa rd He n d e r s o n The Bar Leadership institute it is incredible to see how the Leadership institute has grown from Caroline (Black Sikorske)’s vision to today. I n 2007, then HCBA President Caroline Black Sikorske con - tacted a group of young lawyers to see if we had an interest in helping her launch a flagship program for her Bar year — the Bar Leadership Institute (BLI). Her vision was to establish a program to help the HCBA identify and train young lawyers to become leaders of the Bar and the community at large. I had just finished my term as president of the Young Lawyers Division when she pitched the idea, and I candidly admit that I was a little concerned that the BLI might interfere with or dilute the YLD, which was already a proven training ground for Bar leadership. Fortunately, I did not share those thoughts with Caroline, and an excellent team of young lawyers designed and then put themselves through the program as the inaugural BLI class. Continued on page 5 The 2016-17 BLI class volunteering at the Shriners Hospital for Children. Surveillance and Investigative Services Specializing in Worker’s Comp/Auto Accident Surveillance .+%# 89*KNNUDQTQWIJ#XGPWG 5WKVG6CORC(. (813) 922-5451 MENTION THIS AD AND RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT 4 PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED, DISCREET Investigators are former law enforcement officers with a combined 30 years of law enforcement experience and 20 years of private investigative experience 5WTXGKNNCPEG8KFGQCPF2JQVQITCRJ[%QNNGEVKQPr.KVKICVKQP5WRRQTVrInsurance Claim Investigations & Surveillance #EEKFGPV.QUU5EGPG&QEWOGPVCVKQPrWritten & Recorded Statements/Interviews Asset Investigations Internet ResearchrBackground Checksr%NKGPV9KVPGUU.QECVGUrAlive & Wellness Checks contact@FirstFloridaInvestigations.com www.FirstFloridaInvestigations.com NOV - DEC 2017 | HCBA LAWYER