Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 8

local life MAKE A DIFFERENCE: SPIN Hawkesbury helping people get back on their feet by Lorraine Clifford SPIN (Supporting People in Need) is a relatively new not for profit organisation in the Hawkesbury. Its hard working Board members are Maureen Bartlett, Jessica Morrissey and Lyn Hazelwood. Maureen has always been involved in charity work and when the last organisation she was involved with disbanded, she thought it was a perfect time to start something else. Maureen chatted to some friends about her vision for SPIN, and away they went! “Many people don’t want to acknowledge that there is a lot of poverty in the Hawkesbury. There are many single residents and families who for some reason, through no particular fault of their own, find themselves in financial trouble,” explains Maureen. “We started SPIN to help these people in our community. For instance, we can help a resident out with paying their car rego and insurance, or help a mum pay for her child’s school trip or medical expenses.” SPIN provides short term no interest loans with flexible repayment schemes, and see themselves as giving people in need a ‘hands up’, rather than a ‘hand out.”’ Maureen acknowledges that there are great not for profits in the Hawkesbury that provide invaluable financial, practic [[[[[ۘ[\ܝYYH\Y[˂S\[ܙB\YۈۙBٙܝ\B[[X[[X\H\Y] K X]\Y[\˜[[X]Y\BYHX][\Z[œ\\\][\X\Y[\XYܙ[\][ۋ[[][]HZYJK'\\]\[BٙH\˜[X[H^][™܈\x'HX]\Y[Z[\˂'X\Y\\YZHY]][XۋBH T\XH[ܜ\^K[^[[X]\Y[]HX[YY][ˈΈ][ۋYY^X]]B[Z\[][HYX\[[ۂ\Z[][\HH]XHYٙX\وK[\\Yܚ[˜H۝X[[\[\\YBۈ NH]Y\[H][\[ۈ ]\[H]YX\\\ B^H[ܚ]\Z\Bؙ\ٙ\[Hۙ\[\^B۸&]X[Hۛ]\ZHY][ˈZ\[]\[\و^Bو^\˂]ۙH[S\X[HY[ۈ\˜\B[]^Bš\˜ܚ]X[]BX]\Y[[\\H[[BXZH[]Z[XH܈\\›[Y[ [X]\Y[[Y\[B۝XYXHXX܈Z\X]K[ܘ[˸'BXX]K[]\؝\Kܙ˘]KS]H[Z]YYHXZ܂ H  PSTUBZ]H ]ۈ[[YK]ۂH]HHY[X[H]X[YYY^Y\܈XܙXYH \Y[X[\K[\܈HQHX\]\Z\[BB܈[B܈[[X[“PԐUSB[^HYBX\H\XTTQB܈XBSTԐB][YB[H][]]\TTQB܈XBHYX\[[\™H LNZŒ܈ NXYYH [H\ B[H\ BHܚ”\[ LˎNZ”]H ˍLURBH\[][[H[۝Z[YZ][\B ‘PBB[H[ݘ]YY]LL[YB L¸$HX\]\Z\[¸$HX][^Y\[\\B$H[H \\B$H[[\Z\[¸$HX][[[[\\B$H\HX[Y[Y[$HHܜܘ]H ]HX[Y[Y[$H\^Z[¸$H[[B\\X\‘\ۛ[HYB[H[[H LYX]^B]ۈ[۝HB\YX] \X\ˈ[ [YSTԐB\XB[[Y\X[ NHNNMMBZ\Bۛ  M MBˌYܙY\ܙX[\]KK]BTQH H SH MB[H\ B[YBYX\[”X^YB]] NZ\Y[ۂSӈ HH [H H BU [H H B MH L˛XX]\KB˚[]˘K]HH]\؝\HSTSS