Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 64

sport 2017 Hawkesbury Sports Awards winners The winners of the 2017 Hawkesbury competed internationally at the Special Sports Awards were announced Olympics in Athens, Greece in 2011 and in at a special Presentation Night at Italy and France in 2013. Other impressive Lynwood Country Club on Monday, achievements include ninth place in long 29 May. This annual event, proudly jump at the 2014 Australian Athletics sponsored by Hawkesbury City Council, Championships and a Silver Medal in long Lynwood Country Club and Vintage FM jump at the 2016 Paralympic Games in acknowledges sporting accomplishments Brazil. of community members as well as the Senior Sports Person of the Year contributions of individuals to sporting – Kaye Hannan Kaye has competed clubs through support roles. This year’s both in Australia and internationally in inspirational winners were judged by equestrian. Kaye competed in the Hong Council's Civic and Citizenship Committee, Kong International Para-Equestrian and are below: Dressage Championships in 2012 and Sports Person of the won the Grade IV championship. Year – Jordan Maher Jordan Other noteworthy achievements is a member of Hawkesbury include the Grade 3 Para-Equestrian Martial Arts and at just 19 years Champion at the NSW Dressage of age, Jordan is an extremely Championships in 2016. Kaye also talented individual who was has worked tirelessly to establish selected to represent Australia Para-Equestrian in NSW, which has at the Senior Oceania Karate just had its first event at Equifest in Championships in April. Only Clarendon in March 2017. Jordan Maher two athletes are selected per Team of the Year – Swimwest division from Australia and Jordan was National Team The members of this one of them. Jordan is currently ranked team competed in the 2016 National Age number one in Australia in his age and Swimming Championships in Adelaide weight category. with a total of seven individual swims. Junior Sports Person of Swimwest Swimming Club are the Year – Nellie McMillan currently in the Swimming Australia Nellie is a member of Ski Racing top 25 for fastest times. The coach is Australia and Ski Racing NSW. Jonathon Carter and the members She is a current NSW State are Kira McInerny, Brieanna Hall, Champion and Australian Harry Thomas, Calinda Cameron, Champion and has recently and Joshua Homann. been selected as the youngest Official of the Year – Nick Keith ever member of the Australian From Windsor Swim Club, Nick Nellie McMillan Water Ski Racing Team to started his officiating career at the compete in the World Water Ski Racing age of 15 by assisting with timekeeping. Championships in Seattle, USA, in July/ He became an accredited timekeeper August 2017. At just 12 years old, Nellie and then took on the role of finish judge over the past few years has achieved many and recorder. Nick became a referee at State and Australian titles. age 19 and has been officiating All Abilities Sports Person at club, area and state level for a of the Year – Taylor Doyle number of yea '262&VfW&VP&&vFGV&W&W266W&62BvG6"7v6V.( 26V"vG0F"6V6VBFWF70WfW'g&FvBB767G2FBvRRF"6WFV@'&vRff62f"FV"7VW BFR#5r7FFPBvFW"6&f2fVF'662FRVFW &62G&RVB6WfVB66bFRV"( 2FVW7G&Ɩ&V6&Bb6RF"FP76RFVg&vW6'W''F'G22fVVB66vF2&VVff6Fr66P2w&VB&RFVB2vǐ#bB2&VVffVB&Vv&FVBw7B6V'2vF&W27V62FVVWrWfVFR5r7FFR&FRfVFW&FR&VfW&VRBWfVGv7F'FW"2FWFW2fR6WFVBBv2&V6VFǒff6BFPfW"FRv&BvFw&VB7V66W72W7G&ƖvR662आvW6'W''F'G2v0&#rBW7G&ƖF0&VBFRV&W"R6V"খfV&W"#bF0W7G&ƖBFRW7G&ƖV&VVff6B7FFR@FV76P&FR662#bFWfVG2FFFF7'FrW6VV6RVFƖ6VV0fVF&ǒvfrW"FRFff6FRF&V6v6RF6RvfRFRFv2V6W&vW26G&V'WG7FFr6G&'WFF"&W&W6VFVBWrFR'VW2b7v֖rFRvW6'W'7'BbBBGF&V6VB( 2&v&( 2F7G&7B"vW"WfVf"֖V`V'2ffVBFRvǒFV66ffR6FVW2V'2( 2Ɩ6RF&w6B66ǒ6Vvr7'B`Ɩ6R6WFW26ƖrFFr&VFV6R&F26WFF BFW&F&62B2'BbFRB66G&W"&6FVW0&&6Rg&VB6B6V"Ww'BF66G&FrFW'2F&VW76ǒखW"V&ǒ#2W"FW&F&2&VVG&rFw266R06WfVVG26VFRFFPB66r66RR6R2V6vV( 2F6&6r660&W7V7FVBBvVFvV&R66#Rf'7Bv&BVfW'6GF6v7G&fW2F&VW76ǒFvWBFRfW'&W7@&6r662#b@&W7VG2f"FR7GVFVG2BFw2W vW"bF662676W2&2fV&RV&W"`6W'f6RF7'BVFƖFRvW6'W'FrG&r6V"7B&V6VB( 27FWfRg&62#PWF&V6VB( 2֖6V6( 2PV'2g&7vvW7B7v֖r6V"V'2g&vG6"7v6V"֖6V( 07FWfR7VBW'2G&r@6֗FVBF27vW'22ƖRFP7v֖rvVRv2VvW"v7@&RbƖfRVF"֖6V7G&fW2&@RvW"6WFW27FWfRw2fRbFRFFV6BV6W&vRV67vW 7'B2VBFFR&Rb66GFW"vBFV"WW&V6R"&ƗGR26FRFF&V6֖rB26WFF'2FB6WFP7v֖r&VfW&VRR2FR&W6FV@BFWfVv2&VGF7Fb7vvW7B7v֖r6V"B6&6gFW"&7F6RFv&RPG&V7W&W"bFRF7G&7B7v֖r&VvF7vW"VVFrƗGFRWG&FR7FWfR7VG2G2bFRBvWFW vFV&ǒ&w2BFRWfVw2B&R6VW&r66r"ff6Fr֖6VvfW22WfW'FrFFR6V &B&V6VB( 2''BVF( 2PvFWB6B৖V'2g&7vvW7B7v֖r6V"gF&V6VB( 2v''6'FW"( 2RV'0''B7F'FVB6WFrvVPg&7vvW7B7v֖r6V"v''( 0v2ffRV'2BR26WFVB@6֗FVBF6VVr6G&VBVp6V"F7G&7BB7FFRWfVRV0GVG26FVrF&fRFV6VfW27v֖rVvFW"WfVG2B0Bǒ7v֖r'WBƖfR606WFVBB7FFRVvFW"f"FR7B2vV2FW7FVBFv''R0fWrV'2v62V&6RR26VVBFR66G&VvFFV"v0Fr&W22ff6B20BvF6VBFV6WfRB66vF&V6֖r&VfW&VRR27W'&VFǐF7G&7B&VvB7FFRWfV6W'frFR&Rb&6Ff 6V62WG&VVǒw&FVgVf"FP7vvW7B7v֖r6V"7W'Bb76'2ǖvB6VG'7&B&V6VB( 2FVF( 26V"BfFvRdrFW6PV'2g&7vvW7B7v֖r6V"v&G276&Rw&VB7V66W72f"6&vW'0'6R6VV7BFBFRV7W&R`VWFrFRFW2bFR&6@vV( 2&vƖr6V"v2fFVBFFV"W"67GVF6VV'&FRFV &V6VB'Vb7V66W72( 2w&FR2WVF7G&7BVG2'VW'2WBWVFRvW'2FRvrV&W'0bFRWVFRFVvW&R&&&&7&72VG&W&B&VVfR@vƖ2BVV6RFRFV7Bǒ6RF&VvW@FR6WFFBBF6FVBvF6FV%4FRfb6V"F@2vVFR6662ञ( WB6V"6F7B&VRFVFPBg&W&R( W"v&2vVBFvV'&f"FRfbBv3Rr6F@V2FBFW( &RWVF7G&7BFPFW'2f"FRWB"F2( 6@&VR&6BvV( 2&vƖr6V 6VV'&FW2cV'2F2V"֖W7FPf"6V"rFVRbFPFW7BFV2FR&VvFBFRFW( fRǒvFRWVF7G&7BFPcB55TRRTR#rGv6R( 2#Br#r&VR6WBRƗGFR6V7&WB6Rv7W&V@FBGvbFRvrWVFPFV&RvVBfW"RbF6PFW2VG&W&BVBvbf cV'2&Vf&RFrWv&v26P7F276f"vb'WB2pfVB( 6V6N( RFR&vƖpw&VVFR&6BvV( 2&vƖp6V"2V&W'6b&VB3"'W@FW( &RV6bFW6vWB#"F2&W7VB&VR2VvW"f"&PvVFvWBffVB( &RVP6VBfRF&WBB&V6W6RN( 0vWGFrFVWBFRg&W6"RF( @VVB7V662RvWBg&VR66pBvR7WǒFVvF&v2VFFWvWBvr( 6BFVF6R&6r&WF&VVBgFV7G'VvvRvF6FBv&v02FRW&fV7B FFFRFBF62琦&W2&F66ǒB66ǒ( FW6BW&RBfR7WFVFW( vWBBBFVv^( v6WvW&Rf"V6gFW"FB( &VP6FVVBFRFW2&Rw&FVgVf"FR7W'@&6&r"V&B&&&&w&VVWGF( '&V&VRFV7fVFW&VV6Rg&B&r"'&vFV66GB%4TCvRFF'7FFW&V6VfRF&VvFR&6@6V"B4T&W&WF&BFPvV( 2VG2FVvVB6WfVvW2VFVfVFVB&Vf&Rr6&f2vG6"fbBV&FVf'GVFVǒFWvW&R&VFV'W@BFFrvg&vBv2FW'&f26V6wwrFWw26RDRvW6'W'DUTDT@