Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 44

health & wellbeing Physical benefits of a yoga practice Yoga is the most ancient and holistic system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being in the world. This system includes lifestyle practices to help an individual understand his or her identity and relation to the world. It is a complete lifestyle system that includes exercises, breathing practices, diet and meditation. Whether you want to try out yoga to boost your physical activity, to learn to have greater focus, or to relieve stress, there are many benefits from yoga exercises that will extend beyond the mat. Here are some physical benefits: Strength If you’re looking to increase strength and build lean muscle mass, yoga is a great option. Instead of lifting weights for your strength training, yoga uses your own body weight to help build muscle. By putting your body into various poses where you need to support your own body-weight, it is easy to add to your existing strength with yoga. Flexibility Most Yoga classes will increase your flexibility as you learn to bring yourself to your edge and go deeper into the stretches and poses within the yoga Forever Hair Removal Electrolysis. Permanent. Proven. Safe. Reliable. Call today & book in for your FREE initial consult. Let us show you how you can be rid of unwanted hair for good. 15% off your first 2 hour treatment Open by appointment only Phone 0412 811 878 2/47 East Market Street, Richmond www.facebook.com/foreverhairremoval www.foreverhairremoval.com.au 44 ISSUE 85 // JUNE 2017 sequence. Through an increase in flexibility and range of motion, blood flow can then more readily reach all areas of the body. This successfully flushes out toxins and provides nourishment where your body needs it the most. Balance Finding balance both physically and mentally is a requirement for many of the poses that are held throughout a yoga sequence. When you go to hold a balancing pose in yoga it is useful to find a point of focus where the gaze rests (drishti). During yoga poses, once the drishti is found, you can move slowly and mindfully into your yoga pose. This mindful movement encourages and develops balance both as you enter the pose and as you hold yourself there while softening the gaze on a point of focus. Local businesswoman finalist in Women with Altitude 2017 Awards Linley from Forever Hair Salon is thrilled to be named a double finalist in the prestigious awards. Forever Hair Removal has been named as a double Finalist in the Women with Altitude 2017 Altitude Awards in the category of the Soaring Solo Award, and the Climb Every Mountain Award. These awards are for Best Micro Business, and Best Business Under Three Years. Forever Hair Removal is an electrolysis hair removal clinic specialising in permanent hair removal. Situated in Richmond, it is owned and operated by long-time local, Linley Cram. She prides herself on delivering exactly what the business name promises - unwanted hair removed. Forever! The Altitude Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge women from small business. Local entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions as business owners, volunteers, employees, creative thinkers in retail, charities and community organisations. Women with Altitude founder, Andrea Turner-Boys says, “We look forward to this time each year when we celebrate and champion the achievements of everyday people achieving extraordinary things.” Each finalist has been chosen for their outstanding contributions in their field and were presented with their finalist certificates on Thursday 18th May at the office of the Commonwealth Bank in Penrith. An independent judging panel adjudicate the awards which will be held at a Gala Presentation Luncheon on Friday June 9th at Liverpool Catholic Club. www.hdinews.com.au THE hawkesbury INDEPENDENT