Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 32

politics Hawkesbury students a top priority for State Government with Dominic Perrottet MP Member for Hawkesbury With the handing down of the Federal Budget last month, Hawkesbury constituents can be assured that education and infrastructure will be at the forefront of the upcoming state budget which will be handed down on June 20. Minister for Education, Rob Stokes and I acknowledge the Federal Government’s commitment to providing long term certainty for school funding. We also welcome the renewed commitment to the principles of needs based funding. After 16 long years of Labor, NSW inherited a $1 billion school maintenance backlog across the state. The last two years of the Labor Government saw a planned school maintenance spend of only $122.4 million. The Berejiklian- Barilaro Government has tripled that figure and invested $390 million over a two-year period. As we now have a balanced budget we can now do what Labor never could: invest in schools and education for the future. We have stepped up our efforts once again, with the Premier and Education Minister recently announcing an additional $60 million school maintenance blitz across NSW. In Hawkesbury, Colo High School has received a record $1,550,000 funding injection which will ensure that schools like Colo with the greatest need receive the most urgent attention. The funding will go towards roofing, floor coverings and painting which will be fixed by December 2018. Last month I announced extra school zone flashing lights which will be installed at Glenorie Public School, St Monicas Primary School, Wilberforce Public School, Kurmond Public School, Hobartville Public School and Wisemans Ferry Public School as part of a state-wide roll out of extra flashing lights at 104 school zones. This is a big win for Hawkesbury schools. There’s nothing more important than making sure our kids are safe, especially when they are making their way to and from school. Unlike other Governments around the country, we have our finances in order which allows us to invest in our future generations. There is still much more to be done and I will continue to ensure Hawkesbury schools receive their fair share and our students are safe and in the best learning environments. Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Susan Templeman MP Federal Member for Macquarie Federal budgets are probably not everyone’s prime time viewing. But whether you hang on every word the Treasurer utters on Budget night or deliberately switch to MasterChef, the things that are announced do have a way of affecting each of us. So here are the things I am pleased with, and not so pleased with in the 2017 Budget: I’m happy that the Government dropped some of its so-called Zombie measures from the 2014 Budget. They will not proceed with plans to cut pensions if someone returns to their land of birth for more than six weeks. Nor will they penalise women who are entitled to paid parental leave from their work place, despite having labelled them “rorters”. And young people will not be forced to wait six months or five weeks before accessing unemployment benefits. The Government has recognised it cannot get these measures through the Senate, and so has no choice other th Ѽ)ѡ)Qձ䰁ѡ䁡ٔͼɽ)ѡȁ́Ѽɥمѥ͔Ʌ!ɥ)ݕոЁɝͅѥѡ)́ɕɥɱ)ݡٔɥձѥ̸)%ЁͻeЁ́ѡ՝)QՑЁɕٕЁչ)ȁ!ݭ͉͍́Ѽѡչ)ٕ́ȁѡЁݼ啅)́Ѽչٕͥ䁙չɕ͕)ՑЁ쁹єɕє)ȁ٥ͥѥѡȁ@ȁа)ݥѠ5ɔɕѕ́ѥɽ镸)啅쁅ѡѡЁ͕ɥͱ)ɕ͕́ѡͥɑ䁍ɥ̸ͥ)9ȁ݅́ѡɔ䁥ٕѵЁɽ́)ѡ!ݭ͉䃊LѵЁѼ)ѡɐɽͥѡɥٕȰͽѡѡЁ$)ѡɥѕٕ́́ͥ)$ͼ݅ЁѼхѡ́չѼ)ͅѡԁѼٕ役ݡѼ)хЁѡݽəհ!ݭ͉)Mܸ%ԁeЁЁѡɔݽձ)յȁѥȃq'e4=HQ!%I) I=MM%9t͔ɕѼѼ)]ͽȁɝMи)х䁥ѽՍݥѠѡЀ٥ͥЁܹ̹(ȁ%MMUԀ)U9܀$)ܹ̹ԁQ!ݭ͉%9A99