Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 3

From the editor’s desK When I grew up in Windsor in the 1980’s, I remember on more than one occasion living through a flood or four. Our house was on James Ruse Close and we got a front row seat of the inland lake that would appear in a matter of hours, as water stretched from Windsor right across to North Richmond and Freemans Reach. For us landlubbers, and with us being in primary school and high school at the time, we thought it was a great joke. No school. Yay! We could ride our BMX bikes down the middle of Macquarie Street without worrying about getting knocked over. We would head down to the water’s edge and see what we could spot floating by in the fast-moving water – huge trees, a cow, debris from the farms on the lowlands. We still didn’t get the seriousness of it all until we went back to school and the teachers set up an appeal for a family that lost their home and their belongings in the flood. It might have been the 1988 flood. I can’t recall because the 80’s were a little fuzzy for everyone. And I guess it was only then that I realised that floods aren’t about time off school and hanging out with your mates on a BMX and counting the dead livestock that would float past your house. It was about real people with lives and homes that were annihilated by Mother Nature. This month we pause to remember the devastation caused by the 1867 flood, the lives that were lost and the fear the community at the time would have felt – 150 years later, it still takes your breath away. Your thoughts? penny@hdinews.com.au HDi hawkesbury INDEPENDENT Issue 85 | June 2017 | Distribution: 21,000 Phone 4588 5055 | Fax: 9625 4649 www.hdinews.com.au | e: info@hdinews.com.au Owner / Publisher | Julie Ryan // 0421 574 093 // info@hdinews.com.au PO Box 16 WINDSOR NSW 2756 Creative Director | Natalie Reed // Natwest Creative Designs // 0411 030 474 www.natwestcreativedesigns.com.au | production@hdinews.com.au Printer | Spot Press, Marrickville • 2017 Julie Ryan 0421 574 093 Owner /Publisher David Burnet 0412 448 883 Advertising Sales Penny Webb 0419 803 799 Editor Susan Bird 0415 202 380 Advertising Sales Natalie Reed 0411 030 474 Creative Director Myee Lallyette 0413 305 578 Advertising Sales Kathryn Johnston 0422 404 366 Photographer Kelly Zammit 0417 666 483 Advertising Sales Greg Martin 0420 655 524 Journalist Does Your Loan Rate Start With a Three? It’s time to switch. Spend less on your home loan and more on your dreams. Talk to us today. Cab Chassis Alloy Tray Bench Seat Air Conditioning Power Steering Ready for Work 4,990 $ DRIVE AWAY Finance Available T.A.P VRW736 2012 TOYOTA HILUX WORKMATE Alloy Tray Air Conditioning ABS Brakes Dual Airbags Engine Immobiliser Log Books Finance Available T.A.P 14,990 $ DRIVE AWAY MITSUBISHI TRITON GLX Automatic Dual Fuel LPG/Petrol Canopy & Roof Racks Reverse Camera Air Conditioning Power Steering Shane Skeen 0414 923 206 Journalist 4,990 $ rate* Comparison me Loan r Ho he as Sm te Ra Home loans Financial Advice Insurance Superannuation Cash & Investments Jennifer Platt 0468 612 617 www.ybr.com.au/schofields 2006 HOLDEN RODEO LX 8,990 $ kylie foote 0408 441 620 www.ybr.com.au/windsor 2010 MITSUBISHI TRITON GLX Finance Available T.A.P Turbo Diesel Alloy Tray Ladder Racks Air Conditioning Power Steering Power Windows Turbo Timer Tool Box Finance Available T.A.P Finance Available T.A.P BD25JS CK27KY BI74UQ 2012 NISSAN NAVARA ST-R 4x4 Turbo Diesel Air Conditioning Cruise Control Side steps Alloy Wheels Dual Airbags One Owner Log Books DRIVE AWAY 14,990 $ DRIVE AWAY p Shop 2, 168 -172 George St, Windsor E: windsor@ybr.com.au acebook.com/ybrwindsor Disclaimer: The comments of columnists and contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hawkesbury Independent. The Hawkesbury Independent nor any person acting on their behalf, may be held responsible for the use to which the information contained in this publication may be put, or for any errors which, despite careful preparation and checking, may appear. NISSAN NAVARA 3.68 % .a 2009 NISSAN PATROL 4x4 3.0 Turbo Diesel Cab Chassis Steel Tray Bull Bar Snorkle Spot Lights Limited Slip Diff DRIVE AWAY 22,990 $ DRIVE AWAY Turbo Diesel Alloy Tray Cruise Control Air Conditioning Power Steering Power Windows Dual Airbags Central Locking FPV GS UTE 315kw 64,000Kms Premium Sound Sys ѕ)MɍɝX)==ݹ)1ѡȁ%ѕɥ(%])مP@مP@) 48 $e0(()I%Y]d(ܰ()I%Y]d)مP@) h)<) @UP+qEՅ]ѡЁ ɽ͗tܹݕѕ嵽ѽ̹(܁əI]аIٕѽ5+rLمP@+rLȁAͥ+rĹeȁÀ1ȁ]Ʌ