Hawkesbury District Independent June 2017 #85 - Page 28

LEGAL SERVICES AT SCHOFIELDS YOUR LOCAL LEGAL TEAM AT SHOP 3, 103 RAILWAY TERRACE, SCHOFIELDS 50 YEARS IN LEGAL BUSINESS CONVEYANCING • Buying and selling homes • Mortgage explanation • First Home Buyer’s grants • Stamp Duty exemptions • Leases including commercial, retail and residential BUILDING law Anthony McDonnell has extensive experience in building and town planning. Please contact us to make an initial consultation with Anthony to discuss your matter in detail. criminal matters • Stealing and related offences • Drink driving • Police and traffic offences • Assault, drug and robbery charges • Domestic violence COMPENSATION LAW NO WIN, NO FEE (conditions apply) • Injured at work? WIRO funding available • Car accident compensation • Negligence claims • Insurance disputes • Motor vehicle claims • Workplace or job related claims • Medical litigation • Negligent legal advice • Defective product claims • Sporting and playground accidents • Superannuation claims and disputes • All compensation • Life Insurance & disability insurance claims • Shopping centre or public place falls FAMILY LAW • Property disputes • De Facto relationships • Child custody and access arrangements • Parentage disputes • Prenuptial agreements • Cohabitation agreements WILLS • Drafting a will wills • Contested First consultation free www.mcdonnellschroder.com.au McDonnell Schroder Shop 3, 103 Railway Terrace Schofields OR our Blacktown office - 121 Main Street, Blacktown T: (02) 9622 1155 E: admin@mcdonnellschroder.com.au law & order Does size matter? with Anthony McDonnell of McDonnell Schroder When choosing a legal firm, does size matter? In my opinion, after 30 years of practice in the Western Suburbs, I believe it does. Let me explain. If you had been reading my earlier articles, I have stated that developing a relationship between your solicitor can be as important as a doctor/patient relationship. Throughout one’s life, at times legal issues may arise, like buying/selling a home, accidents, or consumer issues when purchasing a car. If a one-on-one personal relationship has developed over time with your solicitor, these stressful incidents can be significantly eased. The intimacy of a smaller firm allows that relationship to grow. On the other hand, larger firms may not be able to provide the boutique service that a small fi ɴ́)ݥٔɕѕȁ)ѼɕЁɝչЁ)ɕͽɍ́Ѽɽ%)ͽѕ́ѡ́)Ʌѕمх)ȁѡѠ͕ѥٔ啅ȁ9=Y)嵕Ёɕ͕́ѡ́)MЁѥم)Q́ѥمͭ́́Ѽ(́ѡ䜁ݥѠ)ͅ䁅ѕѽ䁽ȁѡ)ݽɱѼ٥ܸQ́啅ȁ́ѡ)Ёаȁɽ́ͽ)ٔѕٕȀݽѠ)͠ɥ́ѼɅ)́ݥѠͅѼ)ѕѡȁѽɥ̸)%䰁 <9=Y嵕)5ѥ]ɕѡѥمݥѠ)ѡ䁽ݥѠ)ͅ䰁ѡɥѡ)Ѽѡݽɱѡɽ՝ѡմ)5ѥɕ镐ѡݕ)Ѽ́ᕐ)́ɍѥ́Ёѡٕ)ѥ́ݥѠͅ)ɽչѡݽɱ)9=YѽѡȁݥѠAձչ)ݸȁѠȁՍ́ѡ)Ʌѕ٥ͥ)ͥȁѥݥѠ)ͅ䰁ٔݽɭѥɕͱѼ)ɥѡ́ѥمѼѡݽɱ)Aɕ٥́啅ϊd́ٔ)ѠՍѥɅѥ)ٔ٥ݕչɥ)ɽ́ѡݽɱٽѕ䁽ٕ(ɽ)ݡٔ٥ݕѡ́́͡ݸ(%MMUԀ)U9܀$)Ёѱ䁕ɍ͔ȁѡи) Ʌєѥѥ́)͔́ͥ́Ёѡ)ٕɅͽи) չѥ́ѡ䁥ɕ)ͽѽȽЁɕѥ͡!٥)ͽѽȁݡ́ɽ)ɽͥɥ䁝́݅)Ѽͽ٥Քа)ɕ͙հȸͽѽȁݡ)԰́аٕհ)ɕѥ́͡ɕ݅ɑɥ)ȁѡͽѽȁ́ݕ́ѡиM)ѡ٥хͥɅѥͻeЁͥ锁Ёѡ)Ѽٕɕѥ͡ݡɔ)չѥ́ѡ)Q́ѥ́ɥѕɅ)ȸ݅́хЁ)ͽѽȁȁ٥)ѡЁѡ͔ɥ́ٔѡݕ)ѼѥՑ́)ɍѥ̸%ذЁ́ݕɔ)ѕɕɽչɥ̸)ٕ啅Ȱѡѥمձѕ)ȁɕЁ݅ɑ́иɅ)ݥٔѡѼ)M͕͔͕ѡȁ́ɕɕ)ѡ͍ɕ́ݕ́ѡ)չѼٔѡȁ͡ݸ)ѥѕ٥ͥѕȁѡ݅ɑ)и)1Ё啅Ȱѕ́ݕɔ͍ɕ)ɽ́Ʌ́ɕѼȁѕ٥ͥ)хѥM Ĺɕѕ)ѡɽ՝ɽɄQXѡѥم)ѥ͍ɕ́9܁eɬ)5ɹՍ)]ٔѥ፥ѥ͍ɕ)չѥ́ȁѡ́ѥم)ܸ)QՑ䁥́ݕٕ(İѥեѼ)ɽܰɽ٥չэɔ)ȁ́)ݥѠͅѼɥѡ)ͅѼѡݽɱ)́ɔՑ䁄ɽͥ)ՑՉЁѼ)ٽѥɽ̰ݥѠ͕Ʌєɥ́)ѕ)ȁ䁑х́٥ͥЁȁݕͥє)ͽ乍Ը)ܹ̹ԁQ!ݭ͉%9A99