Hawker Aviation Models Hawker Aviation May 2017 - Page 6

Hawker Aviation is a one stop factory source for handmade museum quality wood model airplanes and wooden helicopter models. Stock, bespoke and custom made, our personalised handcrafted and hand painted wooden models include aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, rockets, airships and blimps, tail fins, boats, submarines and ships, military wall plaques and seals all made out of solid kiln dried, renewable Philippine mahogany. Each model is hand carved and completely hand painted to match the aircrafts livery, paint scheme and registration number. Any logo can be carved or painted on the stand and a brass plaque with your personal inscription adds that extra finishing touch to your model. Working from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, our master craftsmen will meticulously recreate your model into an amazingly detailed desktop replica. We can XZH[[[H[[HY\وXYX][ۜˈYH]BXYHH\X[\[[YܙH[H[][H[[\H\ۈY][X\\وHZ\ܘY܈][HH\\ˈ[H[[\H[\ۈY][X\\ˈ\[Y\XX[[[\\Yۈ[H\YY [[H[XYHH[H^Hو[\[[ \]\Y][Y\YX[܈\YHHY][[XY\H^X\و\Z[\وH[H][[Y[H[]\]HH\[ۙH\܈XX\وX[ۈوHK[HX^HY]\[ۙH\\\x)[ۙH\\