Hawker Aviation Models Hawker Aviation May 2017 - Page 3

Hawker Aviation Models In keeping with our philosophy of naming our ranges in honour of distinguished British icons, our custom model aircraft range takes its name from Major Lanoe George Hawker, V.C., a WWI flying ace with the Royal Flying Corps (you may read more about him on the next page). Hawker offers custom made and standard "off the shelf" wooden model aircraft, wooden plaques, aircraft tail shields and aircraft "nose art" panels. The quality of your model is assured from day one of manufacture. Ask for a 6 inch Spitfire or a six foot Tiger Moth. Aircraft your dad flew, like the Lightning, the Vulcan, or the 757 or A321 you flew on holiday in. Our craftsman and art- ists can produce extremely high quality, hand made and hand painted models, in your choice of colours to accu- rate scale dimensions, there are no decals on any of our models. We can also commission tail flashes, tail fins, plaques and shields all hand carved. We do not restrict ourselves to aircraft; we also have a range of tanks and armoured vehicles and can build models from sci-fi series such as the Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’. Simply make your request and we will do our best to reproduce it in superb detail. You may visit our customisation page A Hawker model is something you would be proud to own or give as a gift or service retirement present. We hope you enjoy browsing our new Hawker Aviation Range 2017 catalogue… simply click on any piece for more information. The Hawker Aviation Team at The King’s Jack Design Company