Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 75

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT): COURTESY FIGUE.COM, SABINE HELLER, ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, SAN PATRIGNANO DESIGN LAB, DEVIGARH FORT PALACE, FIONA CAULFIELD, NATURELLE D’ARGAN, BAZAAR ARCHIVES ANNA ZEGNA P R E S I D E N T, ZEGNA FOUNDATION SABINE HELLER C E O, A S M A L L W O R L D Heller embodies the free-spirited global traveller who knows her luxury and where to find the best. No surprise that she is CEO of the exclusive A Small World members-only international network, which holds enviable social events such as intimate skiing holidays in Gstaad or glittering New York galas with celebrities such as Adrien Brody and Freida Pinto in attendance. Heller’s secret luxury is Figue (pronounced feeg), a womenswear brand created by Stephanie von Watzdorf. “I love Figue. It’s a seasonless clothing line for women who love to travel,” says Heller. “It embodies a global-meets-jet-set spirit; a hint of Paris sprinkled with Ibiza.” Figue’s core styles are tunics, kaftans, shirts, dresses, denims, and accessories in colourful, globalinspired prints. One-of-a-kind items—such as reclaimed military jackets beaded by hand, and limited-edition jewellery and bags— recreate the experience of finding those unique treasures on one’s travels. “I met the founder of Figue in Lamu, Kenya, and fell in love with how effortlessly chic her clothes were,” Heller adds. “Many of their items double as beach-to-day and day-to-night. They can be easily dressed up with statement jewellery. They are also light, and don’t wrinkle which makes them easy to pack.” Anna Zegna is the scion of her family business, Ermenegildo Zegna, the Italian menswear company famed for its tailoring, leather accessories, and high-tech adventure wear. She is also a passionate philanthropist, and spearheads Zegna’s charitable foundation, which supports, amongst other projects, wildlife conservation and healthcare and education in developing countries. “I would say that my secret luxury is a beautifully soft, hand-woven cashmere scarf from the San Patrignano DesignLab,” says Zegna. “It was made by young people recovering from drug addiction, who form part of the San Patrignano community. The sale of these scarves, therefore, supports the process of rebirth and new beginnings. I value my scarf as a luxury item because every time I wear it my body, as well as my heart and soul, feel warmer.” FIONA CAULFIELD AUTHOR AND T R AV E L L E R Fiona Caulfield is based in India and is the creator of the acclaimed LoveTravel Guides that celebrate local authentic products and services. “My secret luxury whilst travelling is a bath,” she says. “I am on the road frequently in India, and a bathtub is a rare commodity. A few days ago, I enjoyed a relaxing soak in a white marble bathroom at the Devigarh Fort Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan. This 18th-century property even has a bath butler on hand to prepare the perfect soak using vanilla and honey bath oils from the Himalayas, and freshly picked rose petals.” Outside of India, one of her favourite hotels is The Upper House in Hong Kong. “It has huge bathrooms overlooking the city skyline, and provides the divine REN Moroccan Rose Otto bath oil, which is made from rose petals harvested at dawn.” SONYA JEHAN ACTOR Sonya Jehan wears many hats: Actor, mother, restaurateur. She has won plaudits for her roles in films including My Name is Khan (2010) and The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012), and her French restaurant—Cafe Flo in Karachi, Pakistan—belies her French roots courtesy of her mother. Her secret luxuries are natural skincare products from Marrakech, Morocco, that she discovered on her travels there. “These are my go-to skin regime products: Argan Regenerating Cream by Naturelle D’Argan and Huile de Grains de Figue de Barbarie (seed oil of the prickly pear) by BIO Les Secrets de Tamri,” she lists. She stocks up on visits, or asks an aunt, who lives there, to send her fresh supplies. “Argan is a fruit that is native to the region. It’s a rich brume, and smells divine. The other product is an oil from the flowers of a cacti. It’s very hydrating and soothing.” n By Phyllida Jay 75