Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 298

...switch off all the lights in the evenings and light up your entire home solely with candles? If God wanted evenings to be bright, He/She would have given us another sun! -NIKHIL KAUSHIK, SENIOR DESIGNER …switch off your cell phone for 24 hours and enjoy what life has to offer. -AKANKSHA PANDEY, FASHION STYLIST …wear something red for a whole month. Enjoy being the centre of attention for once. - PRACHI GANGWAR, EDITORIAL COORDINATOR …stress less. Remove your clothes and jump into the ocean butt naked and let go of your inhibitions. - MALAVIKA MANAY, FASHION ASSISTANT …enjoy a grand five-course breakfast one morning. As the old saying goes, “eat breakfast like a king”. ...commit to reading at least ten pages a day—the latest thriller, a memoir of someone you admire, the book that’s been on your shelf since high school, waiting to be opened. Maybe you’ll develop a great habit and rely less on your smartphone when you’re bored. - ESHA MAHAJAN, FEATURES WRITER …set your alarm tone to anything by Queen (or your favourite band). We could all do with a bit of positivity to begin the day. -YURREIPEM SHANGSHAKWOSHI ARTHUR, ART DIRECTOR n 298 Nikhil Kaushik, Akanksha Pandey, Prachi Gangwar, Malavika Manay, Rahul Vijay, Esha Mahajan, Yurreipem Shangshakwoshi Arthur. CARICATURES: COURTESY WUNGRAMVAO SHIMRAY AND THORIGSO LUIKHAM - RAHUL VIJAY, JUNIOR FASHION EDITOR