Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 297

Y O U . . . ? India team members share their lifestyle tips for the month ...go to a bookstore instead of a bar and offer to buy a stranger a book instead of drink. - NIKHIL MOHAN, FASHION FEATURES WRITER ...watch a movie everyday. Catch up on the movies you have missed or have always wanted to watch, but never had the chance. It could be a great source of inspiration, learning, and entertainment. - KRISHNA MUKHI, FASHION EDITOR …travel to unseen locations, not spots that are very touristy, to truly discover yourself. - SANAA A KHAN, FASHION STYLIST …spend more time with your family. You’ll cherish it. We are not getting any younger and neither are our parents. There is nothing like going back to your roots to revive love and happiness with you and your family. ä -VINAY KUMAR JHA, DTP DESIGNER Nikhil Mohan, Krishna Mukhi, Sanaa A Khan, Vinay Kumar Jha. 297