Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 296

W H Y D O N ’ T Following in the footsteps of Bazaar’s legendary editor Diana Vreeland, Bazaar …carpe diem, and spend a day striking off those things that have been on your must-do list for a while. An early morning visit to the flower market, food walks you’ve been meaning to participate in, that call to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. - PREETIKA MATHEW, EXECUTIVE EDITOR ...try recycling your old clothes instead of buying new ones every time. ...download DuoLingo, a fantastic app for learning foreign languages. It’s intuitive, informative, and addictive— in a good way. And it’s way better than Candy Crush (do people still play that game?)! Besides, Candy Crush can’t help you flirt in Italian, can it? -VARUN RANA, FASHION FEATURES DIRECTOR …start a collection of jackets instead of shoes. They work beautifully to pull any outfit together. - VASUDHA RAI, BEAUTY DIRECTOR Preetika Mathew, Edward Lalrempuia, Varun Rana, Vasudha Rai. 296 CARICATURES: COURTESY WUNGRAMVAO SHIMRAY AND THORIGSO LUIKHAM - EDWARD LALREMPUIA, FASHION DIRECTOR