Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 289

CAITLYN TURNER: KAUAI Blogger at GypsetGoddess IMAGES COURTESY CAITLYN TURNER; MM GETTY; ADAM BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY/MM GETTY My New Year’s Eve trip to Kauai was supposed to be blissful and rejuvenating, but the universe had other plans. A boat took us to Kalalau, a secluded beach only accessible by boat or a 22 mile round-trip hike (one of the most challenging in the world). We planned to head back on New Year’s Day, but the swell grew and our boat to go home never came. Three days later we gave up and trekked 11 miles back to civilisation. Yoga plays a big role in my lifestyle, but I still tend to over-plan and live life in the fast lane. In Hawaii, there is no fast lane, there is only ‘island time’, and with the natural elements, nothing is certain. Being stranded on Kalalau taught me two important lessons: The va lue of life at a slower, less stressful pace, and that when forced to test my limits, I am stronger than I think. MAITHILI AHLUWALIA: VIPASSANA Founder, Bungalow 8 I did ten days of silent meditation at Vipassana in Igatpuri, Nashik. While in geographical terms it was one of the closest trips I have taken, from a philosophical and spiritual perspective, it was the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery through the Vipassana form of meditation. For a South Mumbai, fairly high maintenance design lady like me, travel had always been synonymous with far-flung places, a bare minimum of luxury, and a packed itinerary. To be in a spartan meditation centre, devoid of any frills and noise, but transform in unimaginable ways made me introspect that this indeed had been the most enriching trip of them all.  (Clockwise from top left) An aerial view of Kauai; Turner practices yoga at the beach; indoor meditation. 289