Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 287

PEONY LIM: MALDIVES IMAGES COURTESY PEONY LIM; AARON GEDDES/MM GETTY; MARCUS STORK/MM GETTY; MM GETTY; DANIELLE BERNSTEIN; Blogger The first time I visited the Maldives, ten years ago with my mother, I knew it was going to be a different holiday. Even though I’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of tropical islands and resorts, there was something about the Maldives that was different. For me, it was like heaven. Now whenever I think about my dream holiday, I think about the Maldives, and the purity of how beautiful nature is. Tiny islands of white sand paradise. It always reminds me that you never know how perfect things you don’t know about can be. Stay curious. DANIELLE BERNSTEIN: STOCKHOLM Blogger at WeWoreWhat The trip that shaped my career in fashion was Stockholm Fashion Week five years ago. It was my first international fashion week and I was invited by H&M and Bon magazine to represent them at all the major Swedish shows. Front row. That was foreign to me at the time, and was mind-blowing to say the least. Lights, cameras, beautiful Swedes, action! This trip gave my career the international boost it needed. I befriended every major street style photographer and was influenced by Swedish fashion. You could say my style ‘grew up’ because of this trip, and, afterwards, pointed-toe shoes and white kicks became a signature of WeWoreWhat. Travelling to a foreign country alone was a fantastic learning experience for me as well... I was only 19! I worked hard and played even harder (which hasn’t changed a bit).  (Clockwise from top right) Colourful buildings in Stockholm; the waterside in Stockholm; Brigitte Bardot on the set of Don Juan in Stockholm, 1972; Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm; a beach in the Maldives; Lim in the Maldives.