Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 206

HOROSCOPE Your Others may challenge your optimistic take on commitments, which they find daunting. You will spurred on by the Sun challenging Jupiter and reminding you how you cannot bear to fail. That’s fine but make sure your hopes of success are realistic. As long as you are not bashing your head against a brick wall, keep going. Motto of the month Music is feelings you can hear. taurus APRIL 21–MAY 21 It will be left to you to organise partnership or business matters involving contracts or money changing hands. Instead of resenting your position of responsibility, accept it and get on with whatever needs doing. Earn yourself some kudos while you can. Motto of the month Whatever is unattempted remains impossible. G emini MAY 22–JUNE 21 Stop fantasising about how others might feel when they hear of your latest triumph. Find the right voice and the appropriate words with which to explain, quite modestly, that you’re doing rather well. And don’t give the impression that