Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 201

IWAN BAAN ISSEY MIYAKE STUDIO DRIFT Dandelion Chandelier The chandelier is a true amalgamation of nature and technology. The fragile nature of each dandelion is expressed in the most poetic way, capturing the essence of spring as each flower glows. Baked Fabrics Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake has created undulations across clothing in its Spring Summer 2016 collection by baking it in an oven. An example of how fabrics could be treated, it comes alive once in contact with the body and exposes the different hues within it during motion. Photography He is undoubtedly the most celebrated photographer in architecture today. His work is characterised by the portrayal of people in the architecture, the context, society, and environment around architecture. In 40 years, when the world looks back on the architectural masterpieces of our age, it’ll be looking through the eyes of Baan. IMAGES COURTESY CARPENTERS WORKSHOP GALLERY; VICTOR VIRGILE /GAMMA-RAPHO/MM GETTY; IWAN BAAN; NICOLE MARNATI; HERVE VAN DER STRAETEN EMMANUEL BABLED Osmosi furniture model #5 It’s a fine balance of craftsmanship and technology, and combines seemingly opposite materials—glass and marble. Each piece becomes unique due to the nature of making, creating a series of one-off pieces. It’s a perfect symbiosis of materials that come together through gravity alone.The glass is infused into the marble at strategic corners, giving the illusion of being the structural component holding together the piece. HERVE VAN DER STRAETEN 372 Console Pipe Show The console presents itself as a piece of jewellery carefully composed of a number of brass tubes placed together. It’s a great balance of material and composition. n SEBASTIAN BRAJKOVIC Fibonacci Chair It is part of a series of furniture pieces that plays on the idea of distortion and perspective. Using classical forms, the chair is subjected to torsion, which is emphasised with the embroidered silk patterns on the upholstery quashed towards the tip of the curved portion that touches the floor. Luxury is expressed through exquisite craftsmanship that tie together the traditional and modern. 201