Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 200

HOT LIST Bazaar MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES Marble Installation Pushing the limits of a material such as marble, each piece is brought down to a thinness not typically associated with it. The fragility and strength of the material is expressed through this installation. Using different techniques, it allows for a new AGE NTS OF CH A NGE vocabulary of design possibilities in marble. Ace architect Rooshad Shroff picks the products, designs, and people that will influence everything from your home décor to wardrobe this season JEAN JULLIEN Peace For Paris Jean Jullien’s design is simple, clever, and powerful. In response to CAMPANA BROTHERS Black Iron Chair The piece moves away from the conventional understanding of a chair, and plays with the idea of lines and lightness. On first observing the chair, one doesn’t identify it as a piece of furniture; it challenges the notion of what a chair could be. The formal play becomes a composition of lines—a more sketch-like effect, as though it’s in motion in a particular period of time. the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, it combines the universal peace symbol with the iconic image of the Eiffel Tower, routing it back to a TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA RONAN & ERWAN BOUROULLEC Grape Carpet Breaking away from conventional rectangular carpets, the Bourollec carpets present a new way of thinking of the floor covering by introducing smaller units pieced together in a more dynamic form, appearing to be in constant flux. In a range of colours, it could be combined to form a larger field, whereby the user could define the final shape. 200 Venus Natural Crystal Chair The Venus chair reinvents the process of making, and gives an absolutely new way of manufacturing using technology. Made from natural crystals, the chair is ‘grown’ in a tank as crystals form on a sponge-like substrate, allowing for the final piece to be an outcome of nature. It’s a completely unique way of how the future of making could be defined. IMAGES COURTESY HENRAUX FOUNDATION; JEAN JULLIEN; ESTUDIO CAMPANA, PHOTO BY CALAZANS ESTÚDIO