Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 177

FARAH KHAN ALI, OWNER, FARAH KHAN FINE JEWELLERY There is no so-called ‘beauty benefit’ to be attained by standing in front of the mirror, in vain self-affirmation. The best beauty tip I can give anyone is to be grounded and realistic about the perception of their personal beauty. Growing up, my mother used to always remind me to not consider myself the most beautiful woman, there are thousands out there. Beauty is as beauty does, focus on fitness, proper nutrition and radiating positive thoughts. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 402, `2,481. KAVI AHUJA MOLTZ, IMAGE: COURTESY: KAVI AHUJA MOLTZ, PRINCESS RAJYASHREE KUMARI, RAJSHREE PATHY, POOJA MAKHIJA, ANSHUKA PARWANI, DR ANJALI MUKERJEE, NAMRATA SONI, GIORGIO ARMANI, KAMA AYURVEDA, MMGETTY. CO-FOUNDER, D·S. & DURGA I often wear bold eyes and a bold/red lip together, though the apparent rule is to go for either/ or. I go one step further and break this rule, even in the daytime. New Yorkers are a little more subtle these days, but I think it’s the Indian maximalist in me. I have a dozen favourite reds, but I love the Armani Lip Maestro 402, `2,481 (approx) and Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner, `4,460 (approx). Kama Ayurveda Brightening Night Cream, `1,650. RAJSHREE PATHY, FOUNDER, INDIA DESIGN FORUM Ayurvedic products are not foul, smelly, oily, or outdated! I use Kama Ayurveda’s night cream for natural radiance, and the face scrub, which I find eliminates dark spots. They’re easy to travel with too. POOJA MAKHIJA, CELEBRITY CONSULTANT NUTRITIONIST Who made the so-called rules in the first place, that we’re talking about breaking them at all? I think a ‘beauty regime’ is intuitive and organic. The external appearance and internal mechanisms are interconnected, the process is natural. I have followed a daily exercise regime that has kept my skin trouble free progressively. That’s about it. NAMRATA SONI, MAKEUP & HAIR ARTIST I know the convention of new-age makeup artistry is to follow the mandatory first step of moisturising and priming the face before applying base, but this isn’t always necessary or helpful. I sometimes skip these steps as they reduce the staying power of makeup, making it, look pasty and waxy. ANSHUKA PARWANI, CELEBRITY YOGA INSTRUCTOR I personally never use face wash for anything. For cleansing, I use unboiled milk and water at any point in the day. Even after wearing makeup, I usually wipe my face with Johnson’s Baby Oil. DR ANJALI MUKERJEE, FOUNDER, HEALTH TOTAL I don’t believe that exercises should only be done in the morning in order to lose weight. I work out in the evenings. The clock gene (an element of the human biological clock) suggests that evening exercises could be more effective for some individuals and morning exercises for others— we simply need to do a saliva test to figure this out! n 177