Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 176

BEAUTY Bazaar MIRA KULKARNI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, FOREST ESSENTIALS I have never used a foundation or concealer. A routine I have followed for many years is to massage a ghee based cream, which has herb infusions, saffron, and other potent ingredients, on my skin a few times a week, whenever I get time. I leave it on in the shower where the heat helps it absorb, then either wipe it off if my skin feels extra dry, or wash it off. The massage cream, called Tejasvi Emulsion, `2,275; is a one-stop solution for most skin woes. DR KIRAN LOHIA, MD, MEDICAL DIRECTOR, LUMIERE DERMATOLOGY, NEW DELHI It’s widely believed that one needs to drink milk to be healthy. This is actually false. I don’t drink milk as foods such as kale, spinach, and chia seeds have much more calcium. And, milk is chock full of cow hormones, thereby causing imbalances in the human body when ingested. There have been many studies that have proven that consuming milk worsens or causes acne. So cut out dairy for better skin and a healthier body. PURNIMA LAMBA, HEAD, INNOVATION AT LAKMÉ Lakmé 9to5 Weightless Mousse Foundation, `575. DR RASHMI SHETTY, AESTHETIC PHYSICIAN & AUTHOR, AGE ERASE I use cold cream on my lips, which I find works better than any lip balm. I also don’t believe in the ‘toning’ step of a cleansing regime, it’s the most confusing term. For exfoliation purposes, sugar works best. GAURI KARAN, FASHION DESIGNER You don’t really need the apparently mandatory eight hours of sleep for beauty or health. If you adapt to a fitness and nutrition plan of six small meals (grazing through the day) instead of three fat ones, zero caffeine, and either a thirty mins minimum of yoga/gym or walking, you feel as refreshed with four hours. What and how I eat towards the last leg of the day is what makes the difference for me. NANDITA DAS, ACTOR Everyone is constantly advising me to get facials or bleaching done. Basically, they want me to be lighter-skinned. It’s time we get comfortable in our own skin, literally and metaphorically. Also, I believe the less you touch your face, or even think about it, the healthier it remains! After all skin, by definition, is the outer layer. Focus on the inner well-being and it is bound to reflect outside. 176 Nivea Moisturising Cream, `107. IMAGE: COURTESY: MIRA KULKARNHI, DR KIRAN LOHIA, DR RASHMI SHETTY, NANDITA DAS, GAURI KARAN, PURNIMA LAMBA, MMGETTY, NIVEA, LAKME. A beauty myth I hear all the time is that wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin. But today makeup is infused with skincare. So there’s no excuse for being caught without it. My new favourite is the new Lakmé Weightless Mousse—a hydrating daily fix for the perfect look.