Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 175

MAITHILI AHLUWALIA, FOUNDER, BUNGALOW 8 I practice head stands twice a day instead of depending on make-up or monthly facials for a natural, radiant glow—the effects are more permanent. PADMA VIBHUSHAN DR SONAL MANSINGH, INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCER SUNITA KUMAR, IMAGE: COURTESY: MEERA ALI, PADMA VIBHUSHAN DR SONAL MANSINGH, ANJU MODI, FARAH KHAN ALI, NONITA KALRA, NAYANTARA SOOD, SUNITA KUMAR, CHRISTIAN DIOR, GILLETTE, BRAGG’S, BOUCHERON. SPOKESPERSON FOR THE MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY I personally don’t believe in using makeup. The more you apply the worse your skin gets. A lady doesn’t need anything more than lipstick and perfume. I don’t follow this rule of having different perfumes for the day and evening. Boucheron’s fragrances are my favourite. I love the brand for its day-tonight versatility. Boucheron Eau De Parfum, `5,800/100ml. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, `1,250. I have never used anything except Pond’s cold cream and earlier in life, Johnson’s Baby Oil. I also stopped using soap to wash my face 55 years ago. Dior Addict Lip Gloss Maximizer, `2,500. ANJU MODI, FASHION DESIGNER Makeup doesn’t always bring out a more refined, polished, or high-definition version of your face. The less you cake your face in layers, the more comfortable and less self-conscious you’ll be. I don’t need anything more than kohl and lip gloss, and I love my look with just these two products. ARCHANA AKIL KUMAR, MODEL NAYANTARA SOOD, FOUNDER, TARAMAY DESIGNS I stopped using conditioner about a year ago; it was making my hair limp. I now pour a cupful of apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s) and leave it on for a few minutes. I find it leaves my hair shiny and without the heaviness of a conditioner. NONITA KALRA, FASHION CONSULTANT & COLUMNIST I disregard every piece of advice on shaving—from going against the grain to always lathering up before taking a razor to skin. To be perfectly honest, I insist on dry shaving—against the grain. I choose to go for this route one day after I wax because it takes care of ingrown hair. My old Parsi waxing woman gave me this tip many years ago, and I am grateful I listened to her because my skin is always free of unsightly bumps. Shaving two weeks after a wax is also a great option, since it exfoliates intensively. With any beauty routine, find what works for you. And remember, more often than not, myths are just that: Myths. Hair reigned into sleek, sophisticated buns and braids is so boring and unimaginative. I find the messy versions much more chic and versatile. But don’t encourage product build-up in your hair by styling them with hair sprays unless you have to. Dirty, two-day old hair can sometimes be easier to work with than freshly shampooed strands. Even if your hair gets oily, at least the oils a re natural!ä Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors (pack of three), `1,535. 175